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The Good Wife 7×21 – Verdict

"God, I look good with a gun."


One episode left people; it’s almost over!

I continue to be impressed by just how mature and thematically rich Peter and Alicia’s relationship is. Verdict was a terrific showcase for the duo: first we got the spectacular witness prep scene which finally gave Alicia the opportunity to bring up Peter’s past indiscretions under the guise of playing a part. And then we of course got that astounding final scene in which Alicia comforted a resigned Peter and promised to visit him in prison. Their dynamic has evolved in such captivating ways over the course of these seven years, and it’s been an utter joy to watch in ever way.

It’s a pity that Connor Fox is such a non-entity though. It’s not like I ever really liked Matthew Morrison on Glee, but it’s unfortunate the writers couldn’t make his character somewhat relatable. In fact, he’s been nothing more than a plot device since his introduction; he simply exists to move the story along and attack Peter at every turn. What a waste!

 In another nod to the show’s past, Verdict featured the return of none other than Geneva Pine. I love that The Good Wife didn’t really give us a final answer with regards to her supposed affair with Peter. Nevertheless, I choose to believe that the affair never happened; as sleazy as Peter was, there were never any hints that he was sleeping with Geneva. Still, the important part here is that Alicia doesn’t give a damn anymore (cue the crocodile tears). My how times have changed!

Although it’s a little too little too late, I’m still proud of the show for giving Diane something to do so close to the end. Having her defend Peter adds a great sense of finality to the show’s timeline, and I  just love watching Lockhart kick ass in court like the badass that she is. Sadly, the writers completely dropped the ball with Carey, who only received a few minutes of screen-time this week in which he testified and subsequently made Alicia feel guilty. Perhaps he should have just gone to prison last season?

I hate to harp on the show so close to the end, but I must admit that I find the Jason/Alicia dynamic to be a tad rushed. It feels like too much like the writers trying to set Alicia up with someone just so she doesn’t end up alone. I pray they take a risk and end the show with Alicia single and happy! She truly doesn’t need to be in a relationship to get a properly satisfying ending.

Bits & Cases

– Judge Richard Cuesta! Always loved him!

– Great moment with Alicia not answering Jason’s text in court because a jury member is watching/judging her.

– This week’s hilariously overt symbolism: the constructions workers breaking down the sets … ahem I mean offices. My heart aches!

– Hilarious visual with Alicia and Diane arriving at the office as the firm’s sign crashes at their feet.

– Hysterical moment with David Lee dancing around as his classical music plays on. He’s exactly the kind of villain you love to hate. Major props to Zack Grenier for his impeccable performance across the years.

– Spontaneous Diane wanting to expand after the construction mistake just made me smile wholeheartedly. And then they discovered they couldn’t anymore!

– I never liked Maton; sorry, I just had to say that.

– Nifty new credits. I wish the show always took a snap from the teaser.

– Somewhat heartbreaking moment with Jason seeing Alicia and Peter holding hands.

–  One of the best moments this show’s ever done: Alicia fake crying when Canning tells her about Geneva Pine. Julianna Margulies is such a hoot in every way.

– A very impactful moment with Kurt’s favorite attacking Diane in court, as Peter silently stops Diane and sends Lucca to cross instead.

– Carey’s priceless Freudian slip (saying Peter in his testimony by mistake) was just too good.

– What a painfully realistic realization with Jason telling Lucca that Alicia would never divorce Peter if he went to prison.

– Anyone else got all teary eyed during Diane’s heartbreaking bedroom scene? And the way a sleeping Kurt just kissed her hand? So very moving.

– Loved Alicia’s delivery of “I’m not on trial buddy” after Peter tries to retaliate and accuse her of sleeping with Will and Jason.

– Peter telling Alicia that he never liked wine felt so very appropriate. And then of course just as he decides to take the 2-year plea bargain, Alicia gets a call that the jury is back. He’s going away for decades isn’t he?

Good Lines

Jason: She’s in Mrs. Florrick mode for the trial.

Alicia: I’ve defended enough people to know how shallow those words are. I don’t care what you believe. I care what you can prove, so prove it.

Architect: This is an Apple store, circa 2009.

Cuesta: Sure, I’m made of nothing but time.

Alicia: Were you wanting me to cry, Mr. Canning? (Fake crying) Oh, my God. (Sobbing dramatically) I thought my husband no longer cheated.
Canning: Wow. God, I love you.
Alicia: I know.
David: The bitch is on the line.

Lucca: You may play the game of being this hard-bitten… or is it hard-boiled? One of the hards. When you, in fact, have fallen in love.

Lucca: Stop playing it cool. You want her? Go to her and say, “I want you. And I’ll protect you. You don’t owe your husband anything. Be happy. Come to me. Make me happy.”

Peter: Can I make a confession to you?
Alicia: Sure.
Peter: I never liked wine. I only drank it ’cause you liked it. I was always a Scotch guy. I guess I inherited that from my father.
Alicia: Well, I can fix you a Scotch.
Peter: No. It’s grown on me.

Peter: Are you gonna come visit me?
Alicia: I will.
Peter: The hardest thing is being forgotten.
Alicia: I won’t forget.

Apart from the Carey fumble and the somewhat underdeveloped Jason/Alicia material, this was a top-notch penultimate hour. I so hope the show pulls off a breathtaking finale.

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  1. I honestly would be fine with the series ending with Alicia being single and happy. It would frame her romantic entanglements with Jason, Finn, Elfman, and Will as learning experiences for her as a person which have been in some way.

  2. Love how the show is coming full-circle with Peter (possibly) going to prison and Alicia once again playing the good wife. And those construction workers taking down the office? Brilliant. I feel like this show has always been kind of meta like that, I just never noticed them before.

    Finale up next!! I'm too excited!

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