Arrow 4×22 – Lost In The Flood

"I'm sorry. Did I leave you with the impression that I was a rational guy?"


Only Arrow would tackle the aftermath of a freakin’ nuclear bomb decimating an entire city with some Felicity family drama. Lord.

If you ever needed to convince someone that Arrow had effectively evolved into “The Felicity Show”, in its fourth season, simply show them this delightful hour of television which featured the brainy blonde bickering with her parents for half its running time while the fate of the world hung in the balance (and after she nuked the above-mentioned town). I can’t even comprehend how the writers believed that the dynamic between Felicity, Donna and Noah was compelling enough to sustain an episode, but it robbed the life out of me as I struggled to make it through this hour. Perhaps a few more minutes of screen-time dedicated to the ramifications of the nucelear attack? Nope, Arrow just ain’t interested!

It’s a pity really, because the action material in Tevat Nova (side note: horrible name) was actually quite thrilling. Watching Ollie and Diggle dash through the suburban town while evading bullets is actually one of the most inventive sequences this show’s ever done; it sure helps that nothing is obscured since the entire sequence plays out in broad daylight instead of the usual dark and dingy warehouse. In addition, I loved the juxtaposition of the town blowing up in the hour’s final minutes as our trio fought off Anarky (although I still don’t get how that little kid can hold off three supposedly badass superheroes). Sadly the writers ruined it by killing off Ruve, who was infinitely more compelling than Damien Darhk – a baddie that became completely neutered in this last stretch running up to the finale.

Bits & Arrows

– I can’t believe the writers actually had Donna utter the line: “so funny… not.” Was the show written by 12 year olds?

– Felicity using the electrical surge and sending Cooper flying off his desk was too unbelievable even for this show.

– So let me get this straight: Diggle couldn’t get through his brainwashed brother after month of trying while Ollie got through to Thea in the span of a 10-second speech? Kill me now. At least the fight was moderately amusing.

– Flashbacks: if anybody even cares, Taiana’s eyes started glowing Reiter-style and she started killing everyone. The funny thing is you can feel the writers themselves bored by this season’s flashbacks. Not a single one lasts more than a couple of seconds; it’s actually quite hilarious how desperate they are to stretch things out.

– After everything, Oliver STILL doesn’t kill Malcolm? How idiotic is that? And why for the love of God is Malcolm still on this show?

– Usually I can count on Arrow to deliver some witty one-liners and banter, but as you can see below, this episode was devoid of even those. They really have hit rock bottom.

Starling Quips

Felicity: Go to hell.
Damien: Why bother? I’m going to bring it to us.

Although it had some action-packed visuals, this was a borederline laughable hour of Arrow. One more episode and I’m free!

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