Fresh Off The Boat Season Finale

Fresh Off The Boat 2×24 – Bring The Pain

"It's a Chinese polite-fight. You're never supposed to give in. These things can get hella intense."


Words can’t express how much I love Fresh Off The Boat – it’s probably tied with The Mindy Project as the most hilarious and lovable comedy on television. Unfortunately, much like what happened with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this season, the show’s season finale ended up being the comedy’s weakest episode of the year. How odd!

Maybe it’s because I’ve never heard of Chris Rock’s Bring The Pain, but that still doesn’t excuse the show for placing so much emphasis on a pop-culture reference. Thankfully Louis’ brother Gene was there to pick up the slack. The introduction of the character was pretty flawless, with Ken Jeong proving to be a perfect fit for the show’s wacky world. Not only did the subplot allow Fresh to draw parallels between Louis and his kids with regards to brotherhood, it injected a fantastic insight: “The Chinese Polite Fight”. The running joke was perfectly utilized throughout the episode, elevating a number of scenes with its inclusion (fighting over the bag in the airport, the bill in the restaurant etc..) It’s touches like these that separate Fresh from the pack, cementing the comedy’s unique voice and creativity.

Also of note: the finale ends with the Huang family leaving to Taiwan. Does that mean season three (or the premiere at least) will take place there? Because that would be pretty bold and fascinating.

Fresh Bits

–  Hilarious: Emery still wants to become a flight attendant. In a subtle and classy way, the show seems to have been hinting for a while that he might grow up to be gay.

– Loved the scene in the hot springs when Louis actually said YES in a Chinese Polite Fight.

– The kids snapping instead of laughing – priceless.

– The most epic moment of the episode: Jessica’s delight at the prospect of grandma being gone.  Speaking of granny, how PHENOMENAL is Lucille Soong in the role? I love the show’s commitment to always using subtitles and never having her speak English.

– There are still no words to express how much I love Constance Wu. Can she please be nominated for an Emmy this season? She’s so enormously deserving, and I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won enough times for Veep. 

Jessica Jabs

Emery: It has detectives who use math to solve crimes.
Eddie: Do they solve the crime of being a super boring show?

Louis: Eddie, you shouldn’t be fighting with your brothers. It’s you guys against the world. You’re all each other has.
Jessica: Louis, your brother’s on the phone.
Louis: Tell that bastard to go to hell!

Jessica: In Chinese families, no one likes to owe anyone anything. It’s like how you must’ve felt when you kept my Tupperware for too long.
Honey: That’s are actually my Tupperware, and you still have it.
Jessica: And if you were Chinese, I would feel bad about that.

Louis: Well, I hope this pilot thing works out for you. Unlike that lychee-nut face cream you were developing.
Gene: Wow. If I knew you were having so much trouble, I would have brought some with me.

Eddie: Gene went back to Taiwan. He left this note uninviting us to the wedding. And he took Grandma.
Jessica: (happily) Forever?

It’s a shame that Fresh Off The Boat’s sophomore season finale turned out to be a somewhat weaker entry than usual, but this is still one of the finest comedy offerings on television.

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