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Game of Thrones 2×08 – The Prince of Winterfell

"The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned, the Drowned God wants them drowned. Why are all the Gods such vicious cunts? Where is the God of tits and wine?"


Almost every episode thus far has been fantastic, so I’ll let this one slide for being more of a transitional hour.

That’s not to say this was a boring hour of television, but it was too preoccupied with carrying out a whole lot of table-setting before everything comes to an explosive head. The biggest development is Catelyn letting Jaime escape, but unbeknownst to Robb, she has sent him with Brienne to be traded for her daughters. Robb’s disappointment in his mother is a fresh dynamic for sure, and it’s intriguing to see a divide between these two after being close-knit for so long. Also, Brienne and Jaime are just hilarious together; I’d watch a sitcom starring these two and their various insults.

As for Robb, the elder Stark finally consummated his relationship with Talisa, and it was a pretty cute moment. Oona Chaplin oozes charisma, and she’s a great fit for the show, imbuing it with a nice dose of humanity and compassion in the midst of all the darkness. Obviously, this won’t end well.

It looks like all the fun in Harrenhall is over now, as Arya finally escaped after Jaqen killed off a bunch of people for her (as opposed to the one name he owed her). It wasn’t the most thrilling of subplots, but it showcased Arya’s cleverness in using Jaqen’s name against him after he admitted to not being able to kill Tywin. And hey, she’s on the loose with Gendry and Hot Pie now so that should be a hoot.

Bits & Beheadings

– Much like the show brought Tyrion and Cersei together last week, this episode finally allowed Yara and Theon to share somewhat of a heartwarming moment as the big sister begged her brother to come home to no avail. Loving all the layers in their relationship.

– I just hate it when people threaten Arya (like that creepy rapist who threatens to “fuck her with a stick”).

– Tyrion, Bronn, and Varys discussing battle strategies: I could watch this trio all year.

– So the Night’s Watch have some Dragonglass now!

– Although last week’s bonding session was great, Cersei is back to her old tricks this week: vengefully kidnapping Tyrion’s love. However, the fantastic twist here is that she’s takes Ros and not Shae captive. Still, it’s heartbreaking to see Ros to beaten up.

– Loved Talisa’s story of her drowning brother – great misdirect with him actually surviving the ordeal.

– Creepy tidbit: when Robert left Stannis behind, he had to eat cat, dogs and rats. Yuck.

– It’s a subdued ending, but quite ominous with Maester Luwin following Osha to the crypts and seeing that the Stark boys are alive. How have I grown to love Osha in such a short amount of time.

Kings & Quips

Robb: I asked him, “how can a man be brave if he’s afraid?” “That is the only time a man can be brave,” he told me.

Jaime: (to Brienne) Damn. You’re much uglier in daylight.

Jaime: (To Brienne) Have you known many men? I suppose not. Women? Horses? Ah!

Bronn: And if Stannis does attack the mud gate, what is our plan?
Varys: We could throw books at his men.
Tyrion: We don’t have that many books.
Bronn: We don’t have that many men, either.

Cersei: Do you know why Varys is so dangerous?
Tyrion: Because he has thousands of spies in his employ. Because he knows everything we do before we do it.
Cersei: Because he doesn’t have a cock.
Tyrion: Neither do you.

Cersei: Don’t worry, she’ll be treated gently enough… unless Joffrey is hurt. And then every wound he suffers she’ll suffer, too. And if he dies, there isn’t a man alive who could devise a more painful death for your little cunt.

Tyrion: When I reached manhood, my father put me in charge of all the drains and cisterns in Casterly Rock.
Varys: A most highborn plumber.
Tyrion: The water never flowed better.

Varys: This morning I heard a song all the way from Qarth beyond the Red Waste. Daenerys Targaryen lives.
Tyrion: A girl at the edge of the world is the least of our problems.
Varys: She has three dragons.
Tyrion: But even if what they say is true, it’ll be years before they are fully grown.
Varys: And then there will be nowhere to hide.

Probably the least eventful episode yet. Still, if this is the low bar, then Game of Thrones’ got nothing to worry about.

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  1. Haha so weird that I actually LOVED this one. I find it sooo hard to be objective when it comes to this show now. Every single episode is absolutely incredible and I am beyond hooked. But reading your review convinced it wasn’t a very eventful hour indeed.

    – Loved Talisa’s story of her drowning brother – great misdirect with him actually surviving the ordeal.

    ^^ Soo true. I really love Talisa and Robb. One of the very few couples to actually root for on this show right now. Their entire love scene was incredible with the beautiful music playing in the background. I was so captivated by all of this.

    But my favorite part? Cersei telling Tyrion that she has his whore and she’s had her beaten and tortured. Then she brings her in and…it’s NOT Shae. Such a brilliant twist that I did not see coming! It’s even more heartbreaking though, knowing that this poor girl is being tortured even though she’s done nothing wrong. God I love the complexity of all this.

    Just wanted to mention what I love the most about these reviews, Nad (besides everything lol): the QUOTES! Really enjoy reading them after every episode. Such a beautifully written show. (I promise not all my comments will be this long hahahha)

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