Suits 6×01 – To Trouble

"It's not a movie, brother. It's just prison."


When I reviewed the season five finale all the way back in March, I praised Suits for flipping its status quo on its head by finally sending Mike to prison. Coming in to this premiere, I worried that the show would fast-forward through that gamechanger and reset everything back to normal; thankfully the writers have chosen to avoid the easy way out, and that means we’re (hopefully) in for a hell of a season.

Everything about Mike’s prison ordeal was spot-on. Beginning with the psychologist insisting that Mike is not in a “prison movie”, to Frank the lovable roommate unveiling his vendetta against Harvey, the change of scenery was a refreshing change for the show. Heading into the hour’s final moments, I felt that something about Frank was off (God knows I’ve watched enough television), but the bombshell still played out effectively. Moreover, since we’ve been witnessed firsthand just how many people Harvey has put away over the past couple of seasons, Frank’s revenge plot holds real weight. I’m definitely eager to learn more.

Of course our gang back at the firm (well what’s left of them at least), now have to deal with a class-action lawsuit and that’s quite the exciting development to kick off the season. I’ve often said that legal cases on Suits can get tedious and boring when they don’t involve our characters’ lives directly, so having them personally under fire ensures our investment as viewers. Naturally Louis came up with a clever solution by using the partners’ buy-in money, but it was all pretty gripping. Here’s hoping the season explores new ground and focuses on the core gang picking up the pieces on their own in the firm’s deserted offices.

But the real highlight of the hour was completely unexpected: Jessica, Harvey and Louis smoking up together! I don’t know what pushed the writers to go through with this development, but it turned out to be a genius move. Not only was it hysterical to see them all make fools out of themselves and giggle relentlessly (particularly Jessica who’s always so stoic), it provided rare insight into their psyches as they let their guards down. That’s the beauty of television: a seemingly comedic subplot ends up revealing true character motivations and complexities, while illuminating key relationships in the process. After all, how long have we waited for Harvey to finally admit that he brought this hell on everyone (by hiring Mike) and actually apologize? Incredible stuff!

Bits & Subpoenas

– Fantastic cinematography with Mike getting his haircut.

– Loved Rachel schooling the rest like bickering children.

– Probably my favorite Jessica moment ever: her opening up to Rachel about the kind of businesswoman she had to be to make it. Read the glorious exchange in its entirety below.

– Louis accidentally smoking Esther’s ashes: the funniest visual gag this show’s ever done.

– Eye-rolling moment: Rachel calling the prison and incessantly nagging to the secretary about the “man she loves”. Will this finally be the season the writers give poor Rachel a storyline that’s not entirely dependant on Mike?

– Why is it that I always crave those takeaway Chinese dinners when I see my favorite characters binging on them?

– Freakin’ adored the visuals of Jessica sprawled out on the desk and on the couch. You can tell Gina Torres had a ball filming this one (and she deserved it after her promising ABC pilot was not picked up).

– The mudding conversation was just nasty (and kind of hilarious). Why is Louis so twisted?

– Am I the only one who expected Donna to help out Rachel by hooking her up with a secretary in prison? Where are your connections now Donna?

– Oh Mike, you and your annoying drama (not wanting to call Rachel even though you have access to a cellphone in prison!)

– I saw it coming but it was still extremely amusing to learn that Louis is richer than both Jessica and Harvey!

– Who else felt like having drinks with the gang at the end? “To trouble” indeed!

– It’s seriously unsettling to know that Frank has Rachel’s number now. Uh oh…

Firm Quips

Benjamin: Excuse me? I can get this done in a more efficient manner without you looking over my shoulder.
Louis: Well, that’s what I told my mother when I looked at my first “Playboy.” But it didn’t happen then, and it’s not gonna happen now.

Jessica: Louis… I have put everything I have into keeping this firm afloat for as long as I can remember. Well, now look around you. The ship isn’t sinking. It sunk. And I don’t know if I have it in me to pull it back up from the bottom of the ocean.

Jessica: You know, this used to be my desk. Different desk, same spot. Jackson was there, Burns was there, and Kleiman was by the door. He hated being by the door.
Rachel: I don’t know any of those names.
Jessica: Because they got out a long time ago, because this life isn’t for everyone. And it’s harder on some than it is on others.
Rachel: What are you saying?
Jessica: I’m saying that… for women, the rules are different. You can’t be everyone’s friend and invite them to tea because… warm means you’re weak. I wasn’t gonna be weak. But now the flip side to that is, if you’re strong, they think you’re cold. And that’s why they’re all gone, because they see me as unfeeling and manipulative. I’m tired of it.
Rachel: Well, they’re wrong.
Jessica: You’re just saying that because you’re seeing me like this.
Rachel: No, that has nothing to do with it. My dad told me that the only reason he came to the church today was because you told him if he didn’t, he would lose me forever. And you didn’t do that because you were trying to manipulate some situation. You did it because you care. And because you did it, I will be loyal to you forever.

Jessica: Louis? What exactly are you doing?
Louis: Well, what does it look like I’m doing? I’m having a discussion about the fate of the firm with my dead secretary’s ashes.
Harvey: Well, as long as it’s not something weird.

Mike: You stop when you have enough money to put your kids through college.
Frank: Yeah, but what college? And what if they want to go to med school? And what if they need a car? And then somewhere along the way, you stop thinking about if they need a car, and you start thinking, “I need a car.” And that’s when you get caught, because whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you were never thinking about them in first place.

Harvey: He just told us he jerked off in the mud an hour ago. You don’t think he’s gonna do that right now, do you?
Jessica: Based on what he told us, he doesn’t need 15 minutes for that.

Louis: Well, now that we’re starting fresh, can we please finally get rid of that hideous duck painting?
Harvey: No, Louis, we can’t.
Louis: Why not?
Harvey: Because it’s like you. I can’t stand it, but it’s part of the family.

A promising and compelling start that holds a lot of potential for a different kind of year.

Nad Rating

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