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Game of Thrones 3×03 – Walk of Punishment

"There's a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand."


I’m still waiting for Game of Thrones to produce its first flop of an hour, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Dany’s army-shopping spree took a captivating turn this week as she shockingly offered up one of her dragons in return for all 8,000 Unsullied soldiers. I love watching Khaleesi negotiate, particularly with Kraznys turning out to be such a terrific villain, continuously insulting and belittling our heroine in Valyrian (although her reaction hints at the fact that she might somehow understand the language). Dany cemented her bargaining skills however, and even freed Missandei from her captivity in the process. Nathalie Emmanuel is immediately likeable in the role, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

After three seasons of being a complete and utter narcissist, Jaime finally undergoes some character development as he saves Brienne from a horrifying gang rape. The manner in which he does so is quite impressive too; he tells Locke that Brienne is worth a whole lot of Sapphires if she’s “unbesmirched”. Unfortunately, his valiant efforts end with him losing his hand in the show’s first WTF moment in a long time. It’s brilliantly executed as Locke slices Jaime’s hand out of nowhere and the screen cuts to black and some crazy rock music (the creators have revealed that they wanted this scene to be extremely jarring, much like the books, hence the music). Now that the Kingslayer has lost his sword hand, his evolution should prove to be even more intriguing.

Bits & Beheadings

– How awkward was the opening with Edmure failing to set the casket alight properly with his terrible archery skills?

– Probably my favorite moment of the hour: the wordless sequence in which the small council assembles. While Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle all take their seats like good little minions, Cersei picks up a chair and carries it herself so that she may be seated next to her father. And then Tyrion arrives and quite loudly and annoyingly drags a chair to the other end of the table right in front of Tywin. This scene conveys so much without a single word of dialogue – absolute perfection.

– Tyrion is now Master of Coin since Littlefinger will be heading to the Eyrie to wed Lysa Arryn.

– Powerful scene between Catelyn and her uncle Blackfish as she sobs over never seeing her children again.

– Immensely chilling moment with Jaime casually telling Brienne that she’ll be raped that night and that she must not struggle.

– The goodbye between Hot Pie and Arya is actually quite moving, especially when he gives her the wolf-shaped bread and she turns around and tells him it’s “really good” as she’s carried off.

– The overhead shot of all the horses slaughtered is strangely beautiful. The men have become wights (the undead that serve The White Walkers). Uh oh.

– And we’re back at Craster’s Keep. God I hate Craster.

– Gilly is finally giving birth, and it’s a boy! And we all know what happens to baby boys at Craster’s Keep.

– When Melisandre is leaving Stannis, she tells him that his “fires burn low” when he hugs her. Did anyone else get the feeling that she was saying he couldn’t get an erection? His reaction sure makes sense in line with that. Burn!

– Jaqen said the line” Valar Morghulis” to Arya in the season two finale, but now we finally know what it means after Missandei says it. “All men must die.” How ominous.

– It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment, but Arya confronts the Hound and asks him if he remembers the last time he was there at the inn (when he killed her friend Mycah the butcher’s boy). The heartless bastard doesn’t even recall.

– Tyrion rewarding Podrick with the three whores was quite funny. But even funnier was his and Bronn’s reaction when they discovered that the women didn’t accept payment since Podrick was so good.

 – There’s a terrific little moment with Dany surveying her surroundings during the negotiations and realizing what she must do as she offers her dragon (amazing foreshadowing).

– As for Theon, he escapes, finds himself in a thrilling horse chase, and then is saved by the servant who let him loose. Hmmm. It’s all very odd.

Kings & Quips

Hot Pie: Don’t get stabbed.
Gendry: You don’t… burn your fingers.

Blackfish: It often comforts me to think that even in war’s darkest days, in most places in the world absolutely nothing is happening.

Craster: (about Sam) And she’s almost as fat as this one here. Now why don’t you dine on him? Carve off what you need as you go. Well, look at him. He’s a walking feast.

Daenerys: And what about you? You know that I’m taking you to war. You may go hungry. You may fall sick. You may be killed.
Missandei: Valar morghulis.
Daenerys: Yes, “all men must die.” But we are not men.

Littlefinger: Keep a low profile.
Tyrion: If I had a gold dragon for every time I heard that joke, I’d be richer than you are.
Littlefinger: Well, you are richer than I am.
Tyrion: Good point.

Littlefinger: They’re only numbers. Numbers on paper. Once you understand that, it’s easy to make them behave. Trivial even. You want a real challenge? Try whores.
Tyrion: I’ve tried quite a few.

The consistency carries on with yet another excellent hour of Game of Thrones. 

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  1. I thought this was the show’s FIRST not-so-great hour. And after TWO seasons of pure excellence, that’s more than okay! Heck, most shows can’t go a few episodes without producing a low-key hour. I just found this one to be the least memorable Game of Thrones outing yet.

    Not that it didn’t have its epic moments though! The scene with Varys, Littlefinger, Pycelle, Cersei and Tyrion all taking seats to join Tywin was sooo epic. Tyrion in particular moving the screeching chair around to face his father had me cracking up. SO much is conveyed without a single word indeed! Truly brilliant.

    I’m bored of Theon again. There must be a meme of how many times this douche keeps getting knocked unconscious. What an idiot.

    And even though I knew it was going to happen, Jaime losing his hand is such a jarring, jaw-dropping sequence. That pop rock music in the end makes it much more shocking!

    I don’t remember at all what happens with Dany after this. She can’t possibly give up one of her dragons for the Unsullied so it really makes me wonder how she gets out of this one eventually. Hmmm I’m intrigued.

    Loving these reviews as always!

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