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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

"Love your perfume. What is that, Stench of Death?"


Well it’s not a disaster, but it’s certainly not the masterpiece we all thought it would be.

Let’s get this out of the way: Margot Robbie owns this movie in every way. Her Harley Quinn is absolutely astounding across the board. The mannerisms, the accent, the bat, the way she pronounces “puddin'” – everything about her is just spectacular and perfectly realized. It only took me 30 seconds to completely buy why Warner Brothers has already set a Harley Quinn spinoff in development; this is one character that deserves a star-vehicle. Brilliant!

The rest of the cast is also in fine form. Viola Davis is terrific as the notoriously ruthless Amanda Willer, although the role is unsurprisingly similar to her turn on How To Get Away With Murder. Will Smith is reliably charismatic and likeable as the sniper Deadshot, while Cara Delevingne chews up the scenery (sometimes a bit too much) as Enchantress. Quite unexpectedly, Joel Kinnaman turns in a heartfelt performance as the task force’s team-leader Rick Flag. Kinnaman was top-notch on House of Cards this season, and he definitely makes an impression here.

And then there’s The Joker. There’s been a lot of hype building up to Jared Leto’s buzzworthy performance. Could he possibly top Heath Ledger’s iconic turn in The Dark Knight? How does he stack up against the original Joker played by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s 1989 flick? Well, unfortunately, Leto’s Joker is kind of a misfire. I get what they were going for with the tattoos and the over-the-topness, but something about the performance and the character just didn’t ring true to me. Of course this could be due to the script’s limitations (Leto is barely in the film), so I’m willing to give the character another shot when he resurfaces soon (probably in the solo Affleck Bat-flick). But for now, I’m unimpressed.

The primary problem with Suicide Squad is its structure. It’s just poorly plotted, and the narrative zips around from one thing to the next without much coherence. In addition, the numerous flashbacks come out of nowhere, and prove to be quite jarring with regards to both tone and colour palettes. On the bright side, David Ayer’s film has a lot of action, which keeps things moving and ensures there’s never a dull moment. I just wish the film infused a bit more color and creativity into its set design; things get a bit redundant towards in the end with the endless bleak warehouses and post-apocalyptic streets.

Suicide Squad is an amusing albeit messy entry into the DC cinematic universe. It’s certainly more fun to watch than Batman v Superman, but it’s far from the achievement I was hoping for. Here’s hoping 2017’s Wonder Woman is the crowning DC film we’ve all been waiting for.

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  1. Thanks for that review. I didn't see it and I was waiting for you to make my choice. For Jared, I read an article about his preparation for this character. He made so many bad and horrible things to the others actors to feel his character. They said he was like a joker outside the film. I expected a lot from him , but as you said, there was an original Joker !
    Thanks again and as always, sorry for my English ��

    Bisou Nad

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yes I read all those interviews too, which is why I was surprised when he wasn't that great! Too bad! Maybe next time 😀

  3. Perfect review. I'm so disappointed that this wasn't the masterpiece I was expecting.

    But Margot Robbie: WOW! Absolutely incredible. Loved the way she kept swinging her bat left and right while chewing on a bubble gum. Literally the best thing about this movie. Will Smith was also good! But the Joker absolutely horrible. I could not stand any of his scenes. Leto seemed like he was just trying way too hard. What a disappointment.

    The other thing I absolutely hated about the movie is just how predictable it was, right down to that ending. And the editing was way, way off. I like Viola Davis too but is it just me or do I think like she's just everywhere now? Kinda annoying 😛

    Didn't know there might be a Harley Quinn spinoff!! That's awesome, I hope they don't screw it up. But sadly, I feel like this was as mediocre as Batman v Superman. Come on, Wonder Woman, come show 'em how to make a fantastic movie!

  4. Thank you Chris! “Trying too hard” is exactly the perfect way to describe Leto actually. What a disappointment he was!
    Fingers crossed for Wonder Woman! Hope that trailer didn't deceive us!

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