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Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

"Katie is a dog person, and dog persons do inexplicable things... like get dogs instead of cats."


I can’t remember the last time tears streamed down my cheeks due to endless laughter, but that’s exactly what happened during The Secret Life of Pets – one of the finest animated films ever made.

The greatest thing that Pets has going for it is all the relatable insights and situations that every pet owner can relate to. Every single frame is packed with so much hilarity and detail, that you are completely immersed in the film’s captivating world. In addition, the script is a comedic gem: it’s overflowing with hilarious one-liners and witty banter at every turn. In fact, it’s so clever that most children probably won’t even notice its razor-sharp humor. I would happily watch the adventure again just to catch all the easter eggs I missed upon first viewing.

The voice cast is also incredible across the board. Kevin Hart delivers an impeccable voice performance as Snowball, a vicious white rabbit with hopes of eliminating the human race (or “pet owners” to be specific). Also terrific: Modern Family‘s Eric Stronestreet as Duke the shaggy mongrel, Lake Bell as a hysterical tabby cat, and Jenny Slate as Gidget, the love-struck Pomeranian. There’s truly not a weak link to be found!

Finally, the animation is superb. It’s no secret that technology has come a long way in recent years, but Pets is seriously impressive: the colors are vibrant, the visuals are smooth, and Alexandre Desplat’s musical score is a perfect fit. Sadly, the film becomes a tad less brilliant in its final 20 minutes, and that’s what stops it from getting a truly perfect grade.

Stunning animation and priceless comedy make for an outstanding animated achievement.

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  1. I just watched it! Couldn't resist after reading this review and the premise. What a delightful, colorful movie! Kevin Hart was hysterical but my favorite? The fat cat 😀 The eye-rolling, jokes about dogs and the way it played with that mouse just killed me!

    Definitely worth a second viewing!

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