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Marvel’s Agents of Shield 4×01 – The Ghost

"Serial killers always complain when we try to intervene."


Well that was dull.

I wanted so much more from Shield’s fourth season premiere. The show went from strength to strength in its second and third years, but this felt like somewhat of a step back. Maybe it’s the fact that Bobbie’s still gone, or the lack of a distinct Big Bad, but I was painfully bored by the majority of this premiere.

Ghost Rider’s introduction is compelling in theory, but his inclusion feels like a marketing ploy to grab some ratings rather than an organic extension to the story. Gabriel Luna is fine in the role, but it still feels like something is missing. The episode at least supplies us with one heck of a badass fight scene between him and Daisy in the climax. Packed with terrific CGI (the skulls looks excellent), and some nifty usage of Daisy’s powers, the set-piece is certainly the hour’s highlight. It also informs Daisy’s character as she practically begs her attacker to kill her. Someone’s got a death wish!

All the table-setting also produces one intriguing twist: May is now infected by the mysterious entity in the box (as evidenced by that ghoulish image she sees of Coulson). Perhaps an out of control May is exactly what the show needs to kick the season into high-gear? Fingers crossed.

Bits & Fitz

– Daisy getting dressed in the teaser was kind of gratuitous and random wasn’t it? And how off-putting and overtly evil is that dark eye shadow? Shudder.

– Ghost Rider’s vehicle absorbing the bazooka rocket and flipping into the air before landing again looked fantastic!

– Great little scene with May training/teaching her minions.

– I liked Yo Yo last year. I don’t like her this year.

– So will we meet the new Director next week?

– If you found her familiar, that’s Mallory Jansen from Galavant as Aida the Life Model Decoy. Let’s hope she gets more to do! As a villainess perhaps?

– The fact that Simmons has higher clearance than May – both hilarious and sad.

– Touching little moment at the end with Reyes looking after his disabled brother as Daisy watches on.

Marvel-ous Quips

Simmons: I need you to sign for it.
May: I don’t get the new color-coded security-level rainbow of… What’s it called?
Simmons: The “Spectrum of Security.”

Although it’s got some good action, that’s not enough to save an otherwise tedious premiere.

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