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American Horror Story 6×02 – My Roanoke Nightmare (Chapter 2)

"Those swamp people would buy it tomorrow if we gave 'em a holler."


What a cringeworthy mess.

I really want to praise this season of AHS for maintaining a singular focus on our primary cast of characters. Past seasons were so preoccupied with drowning us in a million aimless subplots that the show’s main narrative was lost in the process. But this season? It’s just slow. And boring. And repetitive.

At least AHS at its worst (I’m looking at you Freak Show and Hotel) was always somewhat creative, but this year has already worn me out with its endless ghost cliches and monotonous fake-outs. Must we suffer through another scene of someone exploring a disturbing sound only to find a random animal or better yet… nothing at all? It’s extremely frustrating, and I can’t seem to comprehend why the writers can’t see it.

And then there’s the suspension of disbelief. Am I supposed to find it believable that these people are STILL living in the house after all the horrors that have befallen them? That Lee would bring her daughter into the house twice? You can literally see the actors suffocating on the inside – notice Angela Bassett’s face while trying to emote after Mason takes her daughter away and she has her “breakdown” outside the house. Even her immense talent can’t salvage such a ridiculous storyline!

Frightful Bits

– Oh look, there’s Kathy Bates with a laughable accent. And is that Gaga looking like a Suicide Squad reject?

– Props for gruesomeness with the man being barbecued while being forced to wear the pig head. Yuck.

– If I have to sit through another scene of Sarah Paulson running though that darn forest, I just might slit my wrist!

– I used to think AHS was above trite cliches like children seeing ghosts and giving ominous warnings to their parents. I was wrong.

– Yay Lee is drinking again! Maybe this will give Angela Bassett some meatier material to dig into.

MURDE? Seriously? It’s all so painfully terrible. How did this even air?

– At least we can always rely on Denis O’Hare to deliver a ton of exposition in an interesting way. But those murderous nurses? Horrendous acting.

– There wasn’t a single line of dialogue worth sharing. Even the one at the top of this review is barely passable.

– The documentary device has been completely wasted. Why are they even using it?

– Can someone tell me why Lee keeps leaving her child ALONE IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE to fetch her something to drink even though she keeps disappearing?

– The only nifty thing about this episode: the final shot with the camera flying in from the tree as we see Flora’s hoodie (oh no how chilling).

– At least Sarah Paulson looks gorgeous this season.

Disastrous storytelling means this episode is borderline unwatchable.

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  1. Lee's decision to return her daughter to the house after what she witnessed before was mind-boggling. But I do appreciate the season's singular focus. It gives off a clear sense of direction even though that direction can drag and lead to some nonsensical behavior sometimes.

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