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Lethal Weapon 1×01 – Pilot

"Let her cry, it's good for her lungs. She's a singer; she's cheering for me!"


And the reboots continue. First MacGyver, now Lethal Weapon. What’s next? Braveheart?

Truth be told, the Lethal Weapon¬†pilot is certainly more effective than the mess that was MacGyver. If you’re into procedurals (which I’m certainly not), you might enjoy adding yet another buddy-cop show to your lineup. I myself fail to see the allure of such series; the characters have to be enormously likeable for me to sit through a different police case every week and get truly invested. I was completely detached from the episode’s plot, but for what it is, it’s solidly made.

Of course¬†Lethal Weapon would have majorly flopped if the cop-duo at its center wasn’t perfectly cast. Damon Wayans is first-rate as senior homicide detective Roger Murtaugh, but it’s Clayne Crawford who knocks it out of the park with his charming performance as Martin Riggs, the reckless cop with a death wish. He definitely gets the wittiest liners and the show’s most kickass moments.

From a technical perspective, the pilot is serviceable enough, but doesn’t really produce anything groundbreaking. There’s nothing in the action that we haven’t seen before, and that’s a real shame. On the bright side, the show manages to inject a pretty touching character moment cornering Martin’s wife in the episode’s climax, and it feels both earned and powerful. Plus the ending is uplifting and heartwarming (in a manufactured sort of way).

If you’re looking for a typical police procedural, give this a shot. Otherwise, there’s nothing here that helps Lethal Weapon stand out of the pack.

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