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Marvel’s Agents of Shield 4×02 – Meet The New Boss

"You ever notice we never get to check up on a bright-lit place filled with nice, friendly people?"


I know that Marvel’s first foray into magic is arriving soon with its upcoming blockbuster Doctor Strange, but must Agents of Shield suffer the consequences so blatantly?

I am of course talking about the atrocious ghost subplot and CGI that permeated throughout this episode. It’s unfortunate, because a lot of things worked quite well, but I was bored out of my mind every time these characters started taking up screen time with their disastrous effects and cheesy performances. At some point it felt like I was watching Charmed-reject, and that’s just not okay.

On the bright side, the action was freakin’ spectacular this week, effectively adding a blockbuster quality to the otherwise dull proceedings. In fact two sequences in particular were astounding: May’s kickass fight scene as she made short work of a whole slew of Shield operatives (in addition to Coulson) before getting taken out by Mace, and Skye’s ruthless blowout with Robbie. Everything from her flipping the hanging car to later catapulting herself and landing on to his getaway vehicle was just perfect. Who knew this show could pull off such a blood-pumping chase sequence?

Meet The New Boss also featured Jason O’Mara’s debut as Shield’s new director. With his can-do attitude and million-dollar smile, Jeffrey Mace is already an intriguing character. The reveal that he’s also an Inhuman (a profile that Coulson himself recommended) adds an even more compelling layer to the proceedings. What is he exactly and what can he do? I genuinely can’t wait to find out (and it’s always refreshing when someone gives Coulson orders).

Bits & Fitz

– Robbie Reyes is boring me. A lot.

– Melinda being called Maam. Ha!

– So many Peggy Carter references. Could there be a Haley Atwell guest appearance soon?

– I did like Robbie saving Mack and Fitz. I need all these characters to share a storyline and not go off doing their own thing from now on.

– I wish I could be emotionally invested in Mack feeling betrayed by Daisy, but that scene did nothing for me. More effective was Fitz exploding at her for turning her back on them.

– Chilling scene with an infected May in a straight-jacket being transported away. Where the hell are they taking her?

– The ending definitely holds potential with Daisy getting into the car with Robbie who says it’s all “connected” (as cheesy as that sounds).

Marvel-ous Quips

May: (to the bodyguard) Move.
Phil: He doesn’t appear to be moving.

Fitz: You are looking a bit more feeble than usual.
Mack: Thank you for that.

Better than the season premiere, but I expect more from Shield at this point.

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