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Aftermath 1×01 – RVL 6768

"We have a shotgun? - We do now!"


We all know I love my post-acocalyptic shows (The Walking Dead, Dark Angel, The Last Ship, Revolution, Colony, etc..) And this one’s particularly bonkers!

Not all TV shows are high art, and Aftermath’s approach of throwing everything but the kitchen sink (and hoping something will stick) is particularly refreshing. This is the simple story of a family on the run navigating the arrival of the apocalypse, and it’s wonderfully entertaining the whole way through.

Although the show’s budget probably isn’t the greatest (this is a Syfy show after all), you’d never tell from watching the pilot. The entire thing is atmospheric and skillfully filmed – the various disasters are ominously brought to life, while the show exhibits a realistic sense of place as the family zips around from one location to the next. I’m a sucker for on-the-road adventures, so I was immediately hooked!

As the show’s MVP, Anne Heche is tremendous. The show refreshingly reverses the typical gender roles by making her the family’s badass, while her husband (played by James Tupper) cowers away for safety every chance he gets. With her aviator shades and shotgun in hand, Heche is undeniably a thrilling protagonist to root for. Sure her past experience in the Air Force is a bit too convenient, but it at least sells you on her ability to save the day whenever the moment calls for it. The rest of the cast do a fine job, but it’s Heche’s raw attitude and charisma that really stand out.

Ultimately I only have one beef with the show thus far: I wish it didn’t adopt a supernatural angle with its Lostish smoke monster effects. But it’s such a wild ride, I’m willing to stick with it!

Bits & Trumpets 

– The visual of the hillbilly in the pink dress and the machine gun? Terrifying!

– Creepy title card. I like it quite a bit.

– Badass POV shots with the creature grabbing Briana and flying with her into the air. Chilling stuff!

– The most memorable scene from the pilot: the gas station attendant wiping the RV’s windows with a decapitated head! I told you this show was batshit crazy!

– Great touch with Briana getting into police car as we see the hand hanging from the trunk.

– The biker dude has a heart of gold? Why am I not surprised!

– Some world building: if you’re a “Feverhead”, you have blood in your mouth. Noted!

– Very creepy ending with the meteor crash and the trumpets. I genuinely can’t wait for episode two!

It might be certifiably insane, but if you’re in the mood for some apocalyptic mayhem, Aftermath is a heck of a lot of fun.

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