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American Horror Story 6×03 – My Roanoke Nightmare (Chapter 3)

"The spirits downloaded to me like a paranormal zip drive."


Sometimes all it takes is one performance to salvage an episode and make it somewhat bearable.

I am of course referring to the hilarious Cricket Marlowe played by Leslie Jordan. Everything about this season has been a repetitive mess, so it was particularly enjoyable to see Jordan chew up the screen as the money-hungry psychic. Less amusing was the backstory behind The Butcher (Kathy Bates is capable of so much more) and her mysterious Roanoke colony. Those flashbacks made me want to wear a spiked-mask myself!

It boggles my mind that the narration device has been so stunningly underutilized this season. We did get one moment of potential as Lee ordered the production crew to stop filming and we caught a brief glimpse of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans. It would do the show a world of good to further explore this side of the story, because unfortunately everything in the the “dramatic reenactment” is a major misfire.

On the bright side, Ryan Murphy had the intelligence to give Gaga nothing more than a throwaway part. Last year was an even bigger disaster with her atrocious acting skills nabbing a lead role Moreover, the ending was somewhat promising with Shelby getting Lee arrested. Maybe now Sarah Paulson can become the season’s surprise villain? God knows something needs to kick this season into high gear.

Frightful Bits

– Idiotic and contrived moment: all the volunteers disappearing and leaving only our trio to stumble on to the creepy hillbilly house.

– How disgusting was that image of the boys eating the pig?

– So Mason got barbecued. Can’t say I’m sad he’s gone.

– Typical AHS craziness: Shelby stumbling on to Matt doggy-styling Gaga as two hillbillies masturbate. What the freakin’ hell?

Spooky Slurs

Cricket: I always assume that my reputation arrives before I do. It’s been said by many that my ego certainly does. I don’t mean “called” in any way you’d be familiar with, via AT&T, or Sprint …if you’re particularly gauche.

Cricket: Rest your pretty little heads. Cricket has all the answers you seek. The spirits are dark and malevolent, and they do indeed have your daughter. But… I can take you to her. $25,000. I take Visa, MasterCard, Discover…

Better than last week’s horrendous hour, but that’s still not saying much.

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