Grey's Anatomy Guest Review

Grey’s Anatomy 13×02 – Catastrophe and the Cure

“Why is everyone around here acting like they’ve never made a mistake before?”


There were rumors that Grey’s Anatomy was going to focus a lot more on the original characters this year, and it looks like Alex is getting a head-start with his felony charge storyline.

The Jo/Alex/DeLuca debacle isn’t nearly as riveting as it sounds on paper, mainly because Jo continues to be unlikable this season and DeLuca is hardly a character worth caring about. I’ll admit that Meredith accidentally threatening him in the elevator was a great albeit fun twist, but if you’re still watching this show after a dozen years, you start to get sick of the melodramatic, intern-related subplots. Raise your hand if you were just as shocked to learn that Andrew is DeLuca’s first name.

Much more successful is Bailey’s reaction to Alex’s deserved felony charges. Veteran actors like Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. always deliver fantastic performances, and their scenes are consistently of a higher caliber than anything else on this show, but Bailey going out of her way to punish Alex while making sure he still keeps his job was even more heartening than usual. Plus, it never hurts to get a shout-out to the Denny Duquette Memorial clinic (yes, it still exists!).

Meredith was a bit of an oddball this time. After turning down Riggs last week for what I assumed was to give Maggie a chance with him, she desperately made sure her sister gets rejected in Catastrophe and the Cure. It’s unclear whether that’s because Meredith secretly wants Riggs for herself or for some any other reason, but while I don’t have any kind of attachment to the eccentric Maggie character, this was a bit cold and uncalled for, Mer.

Bits & Scalpels

– Only after the credits started rolling did I realize that Arizona has been MIA this season.

– April’s C-subplot was annoying. Why was she singing again?

– Amelia pushing Owen to talk to Riggs was awfully random and unentertaining. I hope these two don’t become the boring married couple now.

– The two patients were interesting this week: the woman who named her tumor after her ex-husband’s mistress was great for comic relief, and the little boy Alex was treating was expectedly heart-wrenching.

– Loved the final Meredith/Alex/Maggie scene. When Maggie eventually finds out her sister has been lying to her, I imagine lots and lots of drama.

– I suppose it’s impossible given Shonda Rhimes’ history with Katherine Heigl, but I would think bringing Izzie back at this point would make Alex’s storyline a lot more intriguing. Plus, it would make Jo go away (hopefully). One can only dream.

Grey Banter

Bailey: When Webber was Chief, I was his eyes and ears.
Ben: Okay, but Chief, Chief, you can have my whole body…
Bailey: Don’t be nasty.
Ben: But not my eyes and ears. I’m not your mole.

Richard: You’re right.
Bailey: I know. What am I right about this time?

Alex: Nothing’s as bad as broccoli.

Maggie: I am acting like a grown-ass woman, and I am asking him out…
Meredith: Was that a question mark?

Must-Download Tunes
You’re the Last Thing on My Mind by Aron Wright
Faith by Sleeping at Last

Despite being overstuffed with multiple subplots, this was still another enjoyable and entertaining hour.

 Chris Rating

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