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Timeless 1×01 – Pilot

"I think someone who loved history would want to save it."


What a fast-moving pilot. I enjoyed this one quite a bit!

The great thing about Timeless is that the show wastes no time getting into the thick of things. Three very different people are quickly recruited to travel through time with hopes of stopping a baddie from messing up the timeline. It’s all pretty simple, and the requisite time travel consequences are then slowly revealed. The focus of the pilot is the iconic Hindenburg disaster in 1937, so I’m curious how the show will be tackling its time-travelling shenanigans on a weekly basis while integrating all the adventures into the overall arc.

I’ve been a fan of Abigail Spencer for a long long time. She was so underutilized on Suits that I always hoped one of the networks would scoop her up for a starring role. Lo and behold, she got Timeless and it’s a terrific vehicle for the actress. While I would have liked her to kick some ass, her character’s emotional journey really grounds the show and supplies it with all the heart it needs. In addition, her dynamic with her fellow travelers, the soldier Wyatt (in an excellent turn by Matt Lanter) and the techie Rufus (hilariously played by Malcolm Barrett) is on point. I can’t wait to see how these three continue to play off of each other going forward.

And that finale scene? It singlehandedly ensured my investment for a while. Tremendously powerful!

Bits Through Time

– All the CGI with the Hindenburg was on point. That’s one hell of a budget! Well done NBC!

– Loved the small touch with Lucy’s mom and the Snickers. Also, how awesome is it that Susanna Thompson was cast in the role? This gorgeous, charismatic lady was a terrific momma on Arrow, and I do hope this role will be equally juicy.

– The title card is simple (which seems to be the theme this year with a number of pilots). I liked it!

– I do hope the show continues to explore Rufus’ adventures with racism on a weekly basis.

– The pajama running gag was hilarious!

– So who is Flynn? Why is he working through a notebook that Lucy supposedly wrote and what is Rittenhouse? I’m definitely intrigued to see if he’s even a villain!

– Excellent guest-starring turn by Shantel VanSanten as Kate!

– So Rufus had orders to record his teammates… this can’t be good!

– Absolutely loved the final twist with Lucy’s mom alive and well as a result of the time travel disruptions, and that her sister Amy was never born. Chilling stuff.

– Perfect final line as Lucy receives the call. “Where? When?” Awesomeness!

Traveling Talk

Lucy: (to Wyatt) You know, we’re pretty much the same age, so you can just stop calling me ma’am.

Rufus: Also, I don’t know how it works across the pond, but I am black. There is literally no place in American history that’ll be awesome for me.

Wyatt: Hey, man. How’s it going?
Bartender: How’s what going where?

Rufus: When do they invent deodorant?

Guard: I’m not sure you realize where you are, boy.
Rufus: Actually, I do. I’m in the damn Stone Age, but, man, I hope you live a long, long life. Long enough to see Michael Jordan dunk, Michael Jackson dance, Mike Tyson punch, really, just, any black guy named Michael. OJ? Yeah, he gets off. He did it, but we don’t care. And Obama, he’s the president. 2008. That’s gonna suck for you!

Must-Download Tune
Wish You Were Here by Audrey Assad

A fun and engaging pilot with likable leads and an engrossing narrative. I’ve got high hopes for this one!

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