Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor 1×03 – The Confession

"I have a difficult time accepting that the only way to bring the country together is through war."


I keep waiting for Designated Survivor to crash into a wall. But so far? I’m still on board.

Yes the show is overly simplistic at times, but it’s also remarkable entertaining. It’s just so easy to watch Keifer Sutherland slip into the role of an everyday guy trying to make it work as the President of the United States. The actor just oozes likability, and surrounding him with a bunch of sharks only makes the proceedings more compelling. I’m especially fond of his dynamic with Congresswoman Kimble, the other lovable designated survivor who this week revealed her Presidential aspirations. The great thing about this character is that she’s not an outright villain (as opposed to the mustache-twirling General with a penchant for world wars). Let’s hope that subtlety can be maintained.

Hannah Wells’ investigation into the terrorist attack also got some forward momentum this week with the discovery of the blast’s sole survivor who was then revealed to have been somewhere else entirely. It’s definitely time for the investigation to kick into high gear, so fingers crossed Maggie Q gets to kick some ass soon and cross paths with Jack Bauer.

Aaron and Emily have also morphed into an engaging duo. Both Adan Canto and Italia Ricci are delivering terrific work, effectively handling the show’s political machinations and the underlying sexual tension (how much did we all want them to kiss at the end there?). Now that Aaron has been named Tom’s Chief of Staff, the playful battlefield can get even more engrossing.

Presidential Bits

– Thrilling teaser with The White House getting hacked.

– On the bright side, Leo’s annoying drug subplot wasn’t too draining as he actually turned out to be a good kid in the end (making it to family dinner).

– Loved Aaron and Emily giving Tom completely different advice during the interview.

– Designated Deceiver and #BogusPotus. Hilarious!

– Great performance by Maggie Q as she reacts to the Senator’s death (he was her lover, she was the mistress).

– Beautiful character moment with Tom telling The President’s son how much his father cared for him.

– The irony in Tom telling Emily that she’s too good for the position means he probably ruined her goodness in this process. Ouch.

– Emily saying no to her boyfriend’s proposal only means we’re that much closer to seeing her and Aaron get together.

– So what’s in the Tom file that Aaron procured at the end? Oppo research perhaps? I doubt he’s a baddie.

Designated Digs

Kimble: I would never want your job.
Tom: Well, that makes two of us.

Seth: She’s so political, she doesn’t even seem political.

Tom: Kimble.
Kimble: Sir?
Tom: Earlier, you said that you didn’t want this job. Was that the truth?
Kimble: Yes. For now.
Tom: For now? What about three years?
Kimble: Well, with the primaries, more like two and a half. But who’s counting?

Another week, another solid hour from Designated Survivor. It’s not great yet, but it’s more than enjoyable.

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