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Grey’s Anatomy 13×03 – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

“I did not know a miracle could be so boring.”


I know it’s a lot to ask for a show in its thirteenth season, but I want Grey’s not to be so mediocre every week.

The medical cases were definitely amusing with an entire family being admitted to the ER after their estranged pregnant sister causes a huge limo crash at their father’s funeral. The fact that the mom (brilliantly performed by Linda Gehringer) died and came back to life was a hilarious albeit creepy twist. Her situation (appropriately called the Lazarus syndrome) provided the hour with a couple of amusing, harmless one-liners.

Arizona finally returned this week and I’m surprised by how much I loved her. Callie had been holding her back in atrocious subplots for so long, it’s refreshing to see her juggle work and personal relations on her own. Whether she’s hopping on from one patient to the other or oddly giving DeLuca (her roommate, to my surprise) a comforting hug in the elevator, we were reminded of how cool Arizona could be. The whole Alex/DeLuca storyline is still frustrating, especially with Alex promising his mentor that he’ll keep working hard at the clinic until he can go back to surgery. I’d rather the writers kept him there for at least a season, and as far away as possible from the horrible Jo!

Meredith is still mean to Maggie, but at least this week it was fun to watch her and Riggs banter in several parts of the hospital even if it was a bit disjointed from the rest of the hour. In addition, this subplot gave us a heartbreaking and devastatingly realistic scene between these two in the OR scrub room when Mer admits she imagines Derek knocking on the door one day.

Bits & Scalpels

– Callie and Sophia are mentioned in a throwaway line in the beginning, but it’s amazing how little I miss Callie this season.

– Amelia accidentally telling the mother that her estranged daughter is back, pregnant and responsible for the crash was hilarious.

– I’m tired of seeing the doctors on this show being so addicted to the hospital, so April bringing her newborn baby to work was a forgettable subplot.

– Loved the fakeout with the mom crying over her husband’s corpse before we realize she’s dying (for 40 minutes, at least).

– When was the last time we saw Tuck?! I would have imagined him to be a lot older.

– Stephanie wondering what would have happened if they had sent the mother to the morgue before she came back to life was horrifying. In other words, Stephanie is still on this show.

– It’s amazing how Bailey might be my favorite character right now, considering I couldn’t stand her two seasons ago.

– As much as I love Meredith, I am not ready for the Mer/Maggie blowout that is undoubtedly coming.

Grey Banter

Amelia: Marriage is like a bed and breakfast in Vermont. With sex.
Meredith: Until you have kids.

Bailey: Someone hit a funeral, and you want popcorn and a front-row seat. Shame on you. Just for that, now you really have to go pick up Tuck.
Ben: Oh, I had to pick up Tuck anyway.

Richard: Corpse in the emergency department. It’s just creepy is what it is.

Bailey: Well, when we tell a family a patient is dead, I prefer we be correct! It’s a low, low bar for a physician. How is she, besides undead?

Riggs: You ever had that dream?
Meredith: What dream?
Riggs: The miracle dream. I’d roll over in bed, and there she was, asking me to go make coffee. So real. Then I’d wake up.
Meredith: No, never had that dream.
(She leaves for a moment then returns)
Meredith: A knock at the door.
Riggs: Sorry?
Meredith: He knocks at the door, says he forgot his keys, and he’s sorry for being gone so long.

 Must-Download Tunes
Heart In My Hands by Andreya Triana
Diamond by Bandit Heart
Here I Am by Clare Maguire

A fun, entertaining hour that also manages to tug at our heartstrings.

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