Supergirl 2×01 – The Adventures of Supergirl

"You inspire me, Kara. I can see the hero within you."


Last season, Supergirl went from being an okay and often quite cheesy show, to a very solid comicbook adventure with lovable characters and thrilling action. In fact, by the end of the season, I started enjoying it way more than Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow combined. It looks like that sentiment will carry on this year because this was a fantastic season premiere!

The Adventure of Supergirl notably marks the first appearance of Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel. It’s not easy stepping into the shoes of a character with this much history, so it’s a miracle really that Hoechlin manages to make it through the role not just unscathed, but with flying colors (see what I did there?). After the dreary and depressing representations of the character in both Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice (that’s not to say Henry Cavill wasn’t perfectly cast in those iterations), it’s just so refreshing to meet a Superman that’s optimistic, hopeful, and plastered with a smile on his face the whole way through. Hoechlin’s chemistry with Melissa Benoist is off the charts, and if this episode wasn’t enough to convince the CW brass that the guy deserves his own weekly show, I don’t know what will.

Quite promisingly, season two looks like it will benefit greatly with a distinct focus on Kara’s character arc. After all, it’s all about our heroine at the center, and her reporter epiphany (although somewhat redundant when compared to Clark’s career), makes perfect sense from a character standpoint. I am however somewhat uneasy about Cat’s realization at the end; apparently Calista Flockhart won’t be a series regular this year due to the change in filming location. I’m hoping her impact will continue to be felt nonetheless because her dynamic with Kara is the beating heart of the show.

The premiere also introduces a number of intriguing new characters. First up we’ve got Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, played by the stunning Katie McGrath. I’ve got high hopes for this character thanks to her notorious namesake, and I’m pleased that the show didn’t tip its hand too early by leaving her potential villainy ambiguous. I’m also tremendously excited about Desperate Housewives‘ Brenda Strong joining the show in those final moments. Talk about chilling!

Super Bits

– There’s a new opening voiceover. Can’t say it’s any less cheesy than last season’s.

– We’ve also got a new DEO set. I like it; it’s got a lot of sunlight.

– How perfect is Hoechlin as Clark Kent the bumbling buffoon?

– Great little touch with Superman shaking hands with everyone as he enters the DEO. Now that’s a hero!

– Why did they change Winn’s hilarious line asking the Man of Steel how he shaves? Not cool!

– Cat checking her teeth before meeting Clark was just hysterical!

– Lois called Clark! When are we meeting her?

– Hank and Superman’s strained relationship is thanks to the former’s decision to leave Kryptonite on the base. Uh oh.

– I enjoyed the sequence with Kara and Clark fighting off the drones. But the highlight? Superman winking at the people he saved (and that Gotham line found below!)

– Although I never warmed up to the Jimmy character, I found Kara’s sudden change of heart (she wants to be “friends” now) way too rushed. Still, I won’t cry over this spark-less coupling.

– My favorite action sequence of the hour: the very badass and CGI-free fight as Alex fights the assassin. Top-notch choreography here!

– Hints that Lena isn’t as weak as she might seem: she shoots the assassin herself.

– Who else got all tingly on the inside when Cat praised Kara at the end there and said she always knew she’d be a reporter? Awww.

– Winn is officially part of the DEO now! Woohoo!

– So Superman is staying in National City to learn more about his parents. Stay forever Supes!

– I just want to thank the producers for casting Brenda Strong in a villainous role. Epic! She works at Cadmus and she’s got Metallo on her mind! I can’t wait!

Kara Quips

Kara: Wait! Wait, wait, wait. This has always been here? With the glass and the views and… And you made me fly to that cave every day!
Hank: DEO has several facilities, Kara.
Kara: A bat bit me in the last one.
Hank: Whiner.

Hank: We need someone to analyze the pod’s telemetry, and Winn does read Kryptonian.
Winn: I got bored. I thought I’d pick up a new language. Space talk!

Cat: What would I possibly have in common with a bunch of rich people in a rocket ship seeking existential answers to their meaningless lives?

Cat: Does this dressing look drizzled on?
Assistant: Yes. No.
Cat: No, this lettuce is drowning. It’s floating on a sea of ranch, like little Kate Winslet’s in Titanic.

Kara: She is so smart and sweet. She went to Yale.
Cat: So did George Bush.

Man: That’s Superman.
Kara: I used to change his diapers.

Clark: Lois and I are great. We’re still… Still going strong.
Cat: Oh, so she’s not still hung up on Superman?
Clark: You know, I’d say that she has room in her life for both of us.
Cat: Well, that’s… modern.

Kara: How’d you know that?
Clark: It’s super telepathy. It’s a power you’ll get someday.
Kara: Really?
Clark: No.

Man: We’re moving back to Gotham.

Kara: I was thinking maybe Italian. I could fly there…

Cat: She cries more than Halle Berry at award shows.

Cat: (to Kara) Now, we all get used to our own personas, and we’re used to our own comfort zones, but, trust me, in order to live, we must keep daring. Keep diving.

Winn: Kind of looks like something my dad might have built in one of his more murdery moments.

Cat: (to Kara) And I guess I saw a little bit of myself in you. Obviously not your strip mall wardrobe,

A strong return from one of last season’s most lovable new shows.

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