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Poster Reviews Volume #4


Supergirl – Season Two
How beautiful is this? This comicbook-y piece perfectly recreates this iconic shot and effectively builds up a whole lot of hype for Superman’s guest-turn in Supergirl‘s sophomore year. The colors, the fonts, the majestic pose – it’s all so glorious and fantastic. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as photoshopped as last season’s admittedly awesome Supergirl/Flash crossover poster. Well done CW!
Tagline: This is it! Double-size shocker!
Nad Rating


Arrow- Season Five
Well, the angle’s different so I certainly appreciate the perspective on this one. But something about this poster pretty dull isn’t it? Perhaps showcasing the rest of Team Arrow would have taken this up a notch. The show’s first ever teaser poster remains my favorite thanks to its visceral simplicity. This on the other hand, could have been better.
Tagline: His fight. His city. His legacy.
Nad Rating


The Flash – Season Three
And the award for ugliest poster in history goes to this heinous creation. The saturation, the extreme red – it’s all so atrocious to look at. I know the marketing team behind the show can pull off stunning pieces when they want to, so this is a definite fail in my book. Actually, it’s a bonafide disaster ladies and gents!
Tagline: New destinies. New dangers.
Nad Rating


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season Two
Although I gave up on Legends last year, I might just give the season two premiere a shot. This poster isn’t the most exciting piece of art, but at least Sara’s White Canary is smack dab in the center. The rest is kinda messy though, and the tagline is pretty lame.
Tagline: A mission for all time.
Nad Rating


The Walking Dead – Season Seven
Now this is great. After the nerve-wracking season six cliffhanger, this poster does a terrific job of amping up the excitement while building up Negan as a truly terrifying villain. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s unsettling smirk just makes this awesome. Plus the use of the bright red font really makes a statement!
Tagline: We’re just getting started.
Nad Rating


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Season Two
One of last year’s breakout surprises, this poster tells you everything you need to know: our heroine’s got some fixing to do. I particularly love the bandaid on the shattered heart, and the use of a first person tone of voice with the tagline. Cute (although the photoshop on Rachel Bloom’s face is a bit of an overkill).
Tagline: I can fix this.
Nad Rating


The Affair – Season Three
I can hardly wait for The Affair’s return, and this key art is a wonderful little creation. The show’s multiple perspectives are showcased through the various blurs in a simple and effective manner. All that’s missing is one really powerful tagline to bring it all together. My recommendation: The truth is still blurry.
Tagline: None.
Nad Rating


Westworld – Season One
I absolutely love this poster. Why? Because it taps into the show’s premise of a perverse theme park for the rich by positioning this poster as an actual ad for the adventure. The whole “plan your trip” shtick is just brilliant, and the fact that the website actually works (if you live in the US) is genius!
Tagline: Be yourself, we won’t tell.
Nad Rating


Westworld – Season One
Not as creative as the previous art, but still a gorgeous and surreal creation. On first glance, it’s just an eye, but look deeper and you notice Westworld’s sprawling mountains. Plus this eye is definitely an android’s right? I especially love the trippy color scheme.
Tagline: Where life begins.
Nad Rating


Westworld – Season One
Okay I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking at, but I like it. I think this is the machine used in the show, and they’ve utilized the various shapes to create a skull to convey the ominousness of it all? Whatever it is, props for creativity and an excellent tagline!
Tagline: Some places make you feel alive.
Nad Rating


  1. The Westworld posters are brilliantly done (the ad-styled one is my favorite), and the Walking Dead poster had just enough to make an unsettling point about the upcoming season.

    BTW I like your tagline idea for the Affair poster. Wished they had used it.

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