Supergirl 2×02 – The Last Children of Krypton

"Alcohol doesn't effect Kryptonians but he still won't drink and fly. He's a big, big nerd."


After promising to stick around for a while, it was extremely frustrating to hear Clark announce his return to Metropolis this week. Nevertheless, Superman’s inclusion in this hour helped make The Last Children of Krypton one of Supergirl’s finest hours yet.

It definitely feels like the CW is setting up Tyler Hoechlin for his very own Superman¬†spinoff, and there’s no doubt that would be a pretty clever decision. The guy just exudes charisma and likability, and watching him bounce off Kara this week was a true delight. Amidst all the action, the show still managed to be pretty insightful while exploring the complicated dynamic between Kara, Clark and even Alex. I was especially intrigued by the fact that the writers let Alex basically badmouth Clark for leaving Kara; it’s a complex dynamic, and the show wisely doesn’t take sides while exploring it.

But let’s discuss all that action. It’s true that Supergirl moved from a big budget network (CBS) to a lower-rated one (The CW) this season, but judging by the blockbuster set pieces, you could never tell! Krypton‘s various fight scenes were packed with powerful intensity and some terrific camerawork. The editing in particular did a magnificent job of bringing it all together (check out the seamlessness of the dual four-way fight in the episode’s climax). This was seriously more enjoyable than Batman v Superman‘s CGI-infused mess. Superb work!

And then there’s Cat Grant’s departure. It’s not secret that Calista Flockhart decided to leave Supergirl after the production move to Vancouver, but it was still mightily heartbreaking to bid the character goodbye. On the bright side, we got what was probably the most emotionally-charged scene the show’s ever done. Everything about the chemistry between Melissa and Calista is utterly perfect, and I genuinely found myself getting teary eyed as the two lovingly embraced after everything they’d been through. Here’s hoping Cat returns soon rather than later, because the show is all the better when she’s around.

Also promising is Cat’s replacement in the form of Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez. This man was utterly astounding on ABC’s underrated comedic gem, so I have high hopes he’ll be equally hysterical here. His whole tough-boss shtick might be a bit cliche, but I have faith in Gomez’s comedic abilities, not to mention Melissa Benoist who can pull so much off without uttering a word. Fingers crossed!

Super Bits

– Loved the teaser with our SuperDuo pulling off a bunch of heroic acts with a whole lot of glee!

– Is Kara’s new boss really called Snapper Carr? That’s an interesting name!

РThe visual of Superman carrying a fallen Supergirl was gorgeous huh? Check out the poster too!

– That double punch was badass!

– Big fan of Brenda Strong from Desperate Housewives, and she’s already a worthy villain. Hope she gets some added dimension soon.

– I love how the show keeps giving Alex badass hand-to-hand fights. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the otherworldly heroics!

– Kara slamming the car at Metallo! Damn!

– Seriously, how epic was it to see the double team-up between Hank/Superman and Alex/Kara? Four way extravaganza! And it was amazing in every way!

– I love that we also got a goodbye scene between Supergirl and Cat. Does the latter know her identity? I used to hate how the show would never really tell us, but that ambiguity has somewhat grown on me.

– So Hank gave Superman all the Kryptonite. Hmm… Is that really the last we’ll see of it?

– Winn hugging Superman: priceless.

– Can Alex keep the suit please?

– “To be continued” sounds pretty funny in Kryptonian huh?

– Great touch with Clark getting a call from Mr. White as soon as he drops back in Metropolis.

– Terrific final moment with the mysterious Krypton survivor waking up and choking Kara. This should be good!

Kara Quips

Superman: (to a thug) See, now… If the bullets don’t work, right, why the punching? I just never understood that.

Cat: Oh, watching Clark Kent walk away is like transcendental meditation. And all of your worries, all of your concerns in life, they just fall away.

Winn: Superman and Martian Manhunter are gonna fight. This is terrible. This is awesome.

Snapper: (to Kara) Thanks for killing the lingering notion that you might speak or write well.

Alex: Do you know the last time I went on a date? Two years ago. You date more often than I do.
Winn: Rude.

Cat: (to Kara) Life is long. And you will be many different people before the end. And knowing you, every single one of them will be extraordinary.

Snapper: (to Kara) You’re as bad at insults as you are at reporting.

Another brilliant hour from Supergirl. I have high hopes for this season!

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  1. Cat: (to Kara) Life is long. And you will be many different people before the end. And knowing you, every single one of them will be extraordinary.

    Wow. Love that line. And brilliant hour indeed! I so wish Superman keeps popping up every now and then!

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