Arrow 5×03 – A Matter of Trust

"Stop fighting for me, Lyla. I have."


It’s funny but I was sure Arrow‘s new team of young misfits would ruin the show, but they have in fact reinvigorated it.

Their inclusion gives Ollie a new arc to explore; instead of the usual kill/no kill shenanigans, he gets to be a mentor and that’s actually ridiculously entertaining. After four seasons of playing the same emotional beats over and over again, I bet Stephen Amell is feeling pretty refreshed himself!

A Matter of Trust also introduced a new villain in the form of Derek Sampson. Played by WWE wrestler Cody Runnels, the new baddie imbued the show with a real sense of danger during his numerous fight scenes. Here’s hoping we see more of the villain going forward because he’s definitely a vicious foe (particularly the way he throws Ollie around like a ragdoll).

Even Felicity gets an intriguing character arc as she deals with the ramifications of Havenrock. I do wish the writers would give the whole nuclear explosion more weight, but having her confess to Rory is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully her retribution won’t be easy.

Bits & Arrows

– Ollie paralyzing the drug dealer in the teaser really rubbed me the wrong way.

– Have we met Adrian Chase the new District Attorney before? Funny touch with old playboy Ollie having slept with his girlfriend.

– Raise your hand if you predicted Floyd being a figment of Diggle’s imagination? Really caught me off guard!

– The visual of Derek Sampson walking through the arrow was badass!

– I want to say I enjoyed Thea’s subplot with the reporter but it made little Queen seem kind of naive and idiotic. I did like her threat at the end though; this girl doesn’t need a costume to kick ass!

–  Ollie slicing Sampson’s tendons – brilliant!

– Isn’t Wild Dog shooting a few too many people?

– Nifty slow-mo shot with Ollie flying through the air and dragging Sampson towards him mid-air.

– Mr. Terrific’s costume: cringeworthy.

– Chilling scene with the Bratva slicing Ollie one by one.

– Great speech by Ollie as he announces Quentin as his deputy mayor. Can’t wait to see more of this!

– Exciting ending with Lyla asking Ollie to get Diggle out of jail. #PrisonBreak

Quips & Canaries 

Rory: Besides, you’re not my type.
Curtis: Are you gay?
Rory: No…Which makes you not my type.

Curtis: First metahumans, then magic, and now you can add zombies into the mix.

Felicity: He didn’t kick Oliver’s ass, and can we please not say things like that when Oliver could enter in, like, any second? Like now, see?

Felicity: I hardly even know Rory, and what I do know about him is that he has several- thousand-year-old rags that he can mystically use to strangle me.
Curtis: He must be great at parties.

Felicity: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Shakespeare. Or Tupac. So is this Green Arrow brooding or mayor brooding?

Another week, another engaging hour in a surprisingly amusing season.

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