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Grey’s Anatomy 13×05 – Both Sides Now

“I hugged you and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet?”


I’m not sure how I feel about this one because it wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t exactly riveting either.

Amelia’s subplot was definitely the worst. This show has done pregnancy storylines so many times before, it’s hard to see anything unique about this one, and I genuinely thought they were going to write in Caterina Scorsone’s pregnancy into the show, but I guess not yet. The relieved look on her face at the end means there’s going to be more drama between her and Owen down the line, and while her reaction is more than understandable because of her first pregnancy (I haven’t watched Private Practice so I appreciated the backstory we got here), this isn’t really a storyline I’m looking forward to.

At least Both Sides Now gave us three medical cases and actually made us care about them. I loved the twin struggling to find a donor for her sister and the astronaut’s death was surely sad, but Granny June was much more amusing. The unexpected “screw her” twist added a nice moral dilemma to the proceedings, especially with Meredith struggling to accept Granny’s decision, but the big family in the hospital room made this feel like a case from one of the early seasons. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Bits & Scalpels

– Really loving Bailey this season. Her character is finally hilarious again, and you can tell Chandra Wilson (who also directed this episode) is having fun in the role.

– Owen taking care of Jackson and April’s baby: what a snooze-fest. I haven’t liked this character in so long.

– At this point, I sincerely want Jo and DeLuca to get together and run away as far as possible.

– On the plus side, there was no Meredith/Riggs/Maggie drama this week. Yay!

– Meredith and Alex’s scene outside the ER was heartwarming. I love these two.

Grey Banter

Amelia: I don’t know if I should tell Owen before or after. How did you tell Derek?
Meredith: I gave Zola a shirt that said “Best Big Sister”.
Amelia: That’s sweet, but not helpful.
Meredith: And then with Ellis, I was off the hook because he was dead.
(Awkward silence)
Maggie: Well, this was fun. For a minute.

Maggie: Well, the good news is, that was a terrible joke. If the clot hadn’t killed him, that joke would have, so it’s a really good thing he didn’t hear it.

 Must-Download Tunes
The Story Never Ends by Lauv
My Mind is an Endless Sea by The Wind and the Wave
Something’s Wrong by Kris Orlowski (feat Aron Wright)

Sadly, this was another letdown in an unexciting season so far.

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