Arrow 5×04 – Penance

"I'm not gonna be gone long. Just please make sure that no one destroys the city while I'm away."


I want to say that this week’s prison break had me on the edge of my seat, but part of me is anxiously waiting for this season to kick into high gear (where is Prometheus exactly?). There’s just no suspense where Diggle is concerned, because you just know he’ll be back with the team sooner rather than later. Still, it’s always refreshing to see no-nonsense Lyla, not to mention the hilarious sight of Ollie beating up all his recruits within the span of ten seconds.

Church’s abduction of Rene definitely holds promise though. The episode’s final scene did a terrific job of ratcheting up the tension with Church threatening to completely “break” one of Team Arrow’s most formidable new recruits. I was genuinely worried for Wild Dog at the end there, and for a brand new character, that’s quite the achievement!

Thankfully, this year’s flashbacks are still engrossing, with some intriguing prison parallels that capably showcased Bratva Ollie’s ruthlessness. Now that he’s finally earned the organization’s trust, we can really start exploring the good stuff.

Bits & Arrows

– Lyla’s “is she going to be a problem” regarding Felicity sounded pretty meta to me. Yes this character has been a real problem for over a year now Lyla, thank you for noticing!

– Nifty overhead shot with Ollie jumping across the prison ceiling.

– Touching scene with Felicity and Rory discussing legacies. I’m glad to see the Havenrock trauma is still being given some weight.

– Is Adrian Chase our next vigilante? Sure feels like it.

– I just can’t seem to take Ragman seriously. Even the name is still too much for me.

– Why is Artemis on the show? Perhaps give her some character development please?

– Diggle and Ollie’s harness escape into Lyla’s plane was cool in theory, but enormously cheap in execution.

Quips & Canaries 

Curtis: Maybe he’s sick. I mean, the flu’s been going around, and by the looks of those rags, he does not hit the drycleaner very often.

Curtis: How are we supposed to get this buy to the ACU, call a Uber?

Oliver: Let me guess. Felicity filled you in.
Rene: That you’re gonna break into a military prison? Yeah, and you got the nerve to call me Wild Dog?

Diggle: Can’t believe you broke me out of prison.
Lyla: For better or worse, Johnny.
Diggle: Told you I wanted to stay.
Lyla: And I figured if you wanted to make your own decisions then you wouldn’t haven’t gotten married.

Curits: Was he waiting for an entrance line?

Not as exciting as the last couple of hours, but still not the train-wreck that was season four.

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