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Movie Review: The Girl On The Train

"I read once that when a train hits, it can rip the clothes right off of you."


What a creepy, unsettling film.

I won’t say much about The Girl On The Train – this is a story that’s best enjoyed with entirely fresh eyes. The only thing you need to know is that it’s about one particularly disturbed woman who takes a train every morning, and the complicated web she soon finds herself entangled in. The film isn’t for everyone: it’s raw, frequently disturbing, and just plain difficult to watch at times. As many have pointed out, it’s also mightily similar to another discomforting film: last year’s breakout hit, Gone Girl

With its distorted cinematography and claustrophobic camera angles, The Girl On The Train is thoroughly mesmerizing right from its opening frames. I never once checked to see what time it was – and that’s a crowning achievement in this day and age. The film wastes no time, and director Tate Taylor briskly zips from one development to the next. The characters are well defined, and yet the script keeps you guessing at every turn, never allowing you to get a handle on their shifting allegiances.

If this season’s Academy Awards are fair in any way, Emily Blunt will receive a nomination for her absolutely enthralling portrayal of the character at the center of the film. I can’t remember the last time I saw a performance that so bravely brought the intricacies of alcoholism to life, and Blunt does it all without a care in the world (she’s made to look terrifyingly disheveled in almost every scene). It’s a powerhouse performance I wont’ soon forget, and she easily eclipses her co-stars (including Justin Theroux and Rebecca Ferguson).

If I had any complaints, it would be that the ending is a bit of a mess. No spoilers here, but the film’s ending is admittedly somewhat abrupt, Nevertheless, it thankfully doesn’t ascend to the insane shenanigans that plagued Gone Girl‘s resolution, so maybe less is better after all.

A captivating and engrossing thriller with a career-best performance at its center.

Nad Rating


  1. Hi Nad, long time no write! Thanks for the review. I just saw the movie yesterday. I still don't know if I really enjoyed it or not…yes it was extremely captivating, yes Emily Blunt is perfect as always, but the over-the-top moments from the second part of the movie were just too much sometimes (especially the ending). I am not someone who easily finds something disgusting, but there were times I couldn't look at the screen here! But yes I was also very surprised not to see David Finchers name in the credits!
    And what about the insane resemblance from Haley Bennett and Jennifer Lawrence??? Megan felt a bit like the character for Jennifer in Silver Linings, no? I couldn't stop thinking about it during the movie.

  2. Never thought of Silver LInings but so true! And yes the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I really liked the film because parts of it did get very over-the-top. Nevertheless I was captivated from start to finish! Always great to read your thoughts LIvia 🙂

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