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How To Get Away With Murder 3×06 – Is Someone Really Dead?

“You have no idea what goes on in this house.”


Is it strange that I found this slightly entertaining?

One of the bright spots about this episode is that it actually makes us care about Connor, Michaela and Asher, which is unprecedented. The trio had a lot of amusing dynamics this week as the writers made all three much more sympathetic and easier to root for, and that’s something this show desperately needs right now. I still think it was a huge mistake to turn Asher into a cold-blooded killer last season (he was fine being a supporting character), but at least he’s shown some genuine remorse over the gang’s actions.

Sadly, the second half of the hour takes a huge nosedive and becomes one big pile of mess after the weekly case proves to be a snooze-fest. The writers need to include an edgy scene every now and then, and the result of that is an unnecessary, cringe-inducing sex montage.

Not only is it an amazingly horrible idea to pair Wes and Laurel together, but also it’s just become increasingly hilarious to watch this show mix and match its characters in horrendous sex scenes, hoping something would stick. Just like Bonnie/Asher, Annalise/Nate and Michaela/Levi (remember Eggs911?), this one makes no sense and will be definitely boring to watch.

Murderous Bits

– There was so much potential in the first half of the episode when everyone is freaking out over Frank possibly being after them. Sad to see this show unwilling to make Frank either a complete villain or off the show.

– Hilarious scene with Asher dancing and singing Cotton Eye Joe.

– It didn’t make that much sense for me to keep Wes from going to the police regarding Mahoney. And his breakup with Meggy was very quick.

– Awkward moment with Bonnie telling Annalise she loves her.

– That “your dad’s failed condom” joke felt like something a 14 year-old kid wrote.

– ADA Atwood returned and she was alright, especially when she kept objecting over Annalise’s questioning. Very intense.

– Incredibly satisfying exchange between Connor and Wes about everything that’s happened since Rebecca walked into their lives. Yes, Wes, it really is all your fault.

– Touching moment with Annalise coming clean to Wes about her baby, Frank’s involvement and wanting to be a good person.

– The Connor/Oliver drama is simply ATROCIOUS right now!

– Another weak cliffhanger that failed to interest me, but I am surprised Asher is alive in the flash-forward. I was nearly certain this show wanted to get rid of someone they didn’t think was very important.

– New drinking game: gulp everything whenever ABC promotes this as “TV’s biggest mystery”.

Courtroom Exchanges

Annalise: You take another step, and I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca.

Bonnie: Hi.
Annalise: I thought you’d have run off to Mexico to be with Frank by now.

Annalise: Since when have I not protected you? Even when I hated you?

While the first half of the hour is a vast improvement over the past few weeks, the second half turns out messy and forgettable.

Chris Rating


  1. Good review.

    I had mixed feelings on this episode too unfortunately. We’re about to hit the final stretch of episodes and I still can’t make heads or tails of where the show is trying to go. I know that’s a part of the fun of how the show is formatted, but at the same time it feels like its missing an overarching conflict like “Who killed Lila?” or the Hapstall case like the previous seasons had. It seems like the writers want the overarching conflict to be Frank as a looming threat to the group and the Mahoney case suspect hunt but they don’t feel as prominent as a threat as they should.
    As always with this show, a large part of the “punch” for the season rests on the mid season finale episode and how those events unfold AS WELL AS an additional twist (“I’m so sorry” / “Don’t be!” & “Good god Annalise… what did we do?”) , so I’m hoping for the best.

    Some random side thoughts:

    – I didn’t mind what they did with Asher last season because it felt like it gave him more to do as opposed to be comedic relief. The other alternative would have been to keep him on the outskirts of the other characters and potentially be up for getting killed himself. Depending on how that would have been executed, people might have preferred that.

    – The cliffhanger was indeed weak, but with Asher being alive it indicates the show might go one of two ways 1) A more bolder direction which kills off a main character (my top picks are Wes, Frank, and Connor) or 2) have a cop out where they’ve been trolling us in the interview and the person under the sheet is Simon Drake and Annalise is faking being distraught. I’m obviously hoping the former

    – Bonnie and Annalise expressing feelings toward each other by saying “I love you” is very awkward, but also implies a much deeper relationship which makes me think the writers are setting up the back half of this season to deal with this ala Wes/Christophe.

    – SPOILER: (but not really) ADA Atwood was listed in the plot synopsis for episode 9 as someone who Annalise gets a tip about which leads to an altercation between her and Nate. Atwood’s been seen this season, but unfortunately hasn’t made the same presence or threat as Sinclair, so I’m hoping if she’s a big part of the episode’s conflict, it pays off.

  2. Exactly! There's absolutely NO overarching conflict like “who killed Lila?” (which I personally hated) or the Hapstall case (which I oddly liked, unlike popular opinion). It's just no plot this season as we wait for the flash-forward to happen! Terrible, lazy writing if you ask me.

    Hmm, I still disagree about Asher. It felt like they wanted to give the character something to do and the only thing they could think of is to turn him into a murderer (because duh). It was always refreshing to watch one of the Keating Five be on the outside (I loved how they tried hiding the truth from him in the first season), even if it meant he only gets comic relief.

    Oh, interesting about Atwood! Yeah she got boring real quick. Loved reading your thoughts, thanks!!

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