Arrow 5×05 – Human Target

"It's not the pain that breaks people. It's fear... fear of that pain, of what that pain brings, of what happens next."


I must say, the buildup towards the Prometheus reveal is shaping up to be quite engrossing. I’m praying it’s Thalia Al Ghul (it’s about time they introduced Nyssa’s half-sister), but whoever it is, the show’s done a fine job of developing yet another (groan) dark archer. Human Target‘s is particularly unsettling with its tense editing as Prometheus dispatches all the guards and finally takes out Church after learning Ollie’s identity. Chilling stuff.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy Carly Pope’s character, but her Susan has a fun flirtaious vibe with Ollie going, not to mention the last minute reveal of her linking Ollie to Christopher Chance in Russia (when he should have been on the island). The more the present and past timelines intersect, the happier I’ll be. After all, they were a waste of time the past two years.

Speaking of Chance the Human Target, his introduction felt far too much like a network mandate for a potential spinoff that I have no interest in watching. Thankfully, his appearance was both brief and forgettable. Also, did we have to inject tedious soap opera shenanigans with Chance telling Ollie about Felicity’s new boytoy? I thought we had moved past these atrocious subplots.

Bits & Arrows

– Ragman throwing the thug into the screen as we cut to the title card was actually kind of nifty.

– I lol-ed at Diggle commenting on all the new kids in the Arrow Cave.

– Jawdropper: Rene told Church that the Green Arrow is Oliver Queen.

– Who is the “freak” bodyguard that works for Church? I thought he would end up having more importance. Bizarre.

– Oh look, a Mission Impossible mask!

– Laugh out loud moment with Felicity trying to putting on the mask and screaming out “YOU FAILED THIS CITY!” More of THIS Felicity please.

– I don’t get how Church is suddenly so easy to beat all of a sudden. Talk about contrived.

Quips & Canaries 

Diggle: Well, I know I said it was a good idea to start a team, but what do we have– a Laurel Lance wannabe, a weird rag guy, a lunatic, and Curtis?

A solid hour of Arrow that lays the foundation for a potentially gripping Big Bad.

Nad Rating

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