Supergirl 2×04 – Survivors

"Did you use your inside voice?"


I can tell this season is going to be great one; so many pieces are in place for a fantastic year.

It’s not often that a show can pull off the introduction of so many new characters, but Supergirl is getting the job done. Ignoring Snapper who is still too one-note, the addition of M’gann, the last daughter of Mars, is an inspired choice. Sharon Leal is terrific and immensely likable in the role, and she’s already got tons of chemistry with Hank. Moreover, the final twist with the reveal of her White Martian status adds a thrilling and truly unexpected wrinkle to the proceedings. I can’t wait to see where the writers take this storyline next!

In addition, Chris Wood is proving to be an excellent addition to the cast as Mon-El. His dynamic with Kara is heartwarming to watch, while his banter and newly-found friendship with Winn is a hilarious breath of fresh air. Here’s hoping he sticks on the show for a while because I’m eager to see Kara take him under her wing.

The episode however somewhat falters with the introduction of its newest villain: Veronica “Roulette” Sinclair. Although I’ve always been a fan of Dichen Lachman’s unique brand of charisma, Roulette is severely underdeveloped. Nevertheless, the ring fights were definitely a welcome jolt of action, punctuated by the terrifying Draaga creature.

Super Bits

– The opening Daxam assault was pretty ambitious for the show. I’m not entirely sure it was essential though.

– How heartbreaking was the scene with Kara updating momma hologram about her life? Akh the feels.

– Kara getting her ass kicked by Draaga was just harsh. Brutal moment with it grabbing her by the cape and smashing her down to the ground.

– Lena Luthor is being way too nice. Something’s up!

– So Maggie has a girlfriend and Alex is jealous. I think I’m starting to root for these two.

– I’m eager to see what the writers will do with Roulette’s next appearance (since she was let go at the end thanks to her high-profile connections).

– Loved Kara’s source being Supergirl. Finally she can start getting some respect as a reporter. And maybe Snapper can gain some much-needed depth?

Kara Quips

Mon-El: Oh, hey, do they play Garata here?
Winn: What’s Garata?
Mon-El: It’s like soccer, with dragons.
Winn: No, not that. Uh, we have PlayStation.
Mon-El: Great. So, when do we get out of here and do that… That thing you just said?

Alex: Is everything all right, J’onn?
Hank: I appreciate the concern, but I assure you, I’m fine.
Kara: Don’t make me pout.
Alex: She’s really good at it.

Although the episode’s baddie received the short end of the stick, this was a wonderfully entertaining hour of Supergirl.

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