Supergirl 2×05 – Crossfire

"Being a hero, it's... It's addictive."


I absolutely loved everything about this one.

Sure the villains were generic and the episode lacked a sense of urgency, but the character beats were so well-defined and charming, that Crossfire won me over in every way.

I have to commend the writers for bringing on Chris Wood, because Mon-El is a hoot right out of the gate. His dynamic with Melissa Benoist is just off-the-charts, as evidenced by the hilarious montage that started off the episode. I have no idea if the writers are going to maintain a sibling type of banter between the duo or integrate some romantic sparks, but whatever it is, I’m all in!

Lena Luthor continues to be an awesome addition to the cast, and her goodness and idealism is perfectly contrasted with the hour’s final mother of a twist: The Cadmus leader played by Brenda Strong is none other than her mother! I never thought Supergirl would ever introduce Mama Luthor, so color me impressed. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to tackle this one!

But Crossfire‘s real highlight is Chyler Leigh’s powerhouse performance as Alex starts to come to terms with her sexuality. It’s the kind of nuanced performance that should win her an Emmy (as if those snobs would ever acknowledge a superhero show on the CW), and it’s utterly masterful. I can’t remember the last time a coming-out story was handedly in such a competent and realistic manner.

Lest I forget, James is the newest superhero in town, and the writers deserve some more props for giving season one’s most useless character a somewhat exciting subplot. I didn’t think I would buy it, but hilariously pairing him with Winn could be exactly what the character needs to sell us on his hero journey. In addition, it also enlightens us on Winn’s journey and how proud he is of helping make a difference in National City. Kudos!

Super Bits

– Seriously that teaser was hysterical. Some golden bits: Kara using her laser eyes to give Mon-El a haircut, and him picking up the pancakes like a burger! Also the “Mike” makeover was very amusing.

– Awesome scene with Kara getting blasted around into buildings.  I love action sequences set in the daytime.

– There are subtle hints of the public’s xenophobia against aliens with Kara’s coworker wanting to arm up! Uh oh.

– Kara saving the policeman in mid-air had some really tacky CGI.

– Olsen has a black belt. Good to know!

– Hilarious bit: Kara was a fan of NSYNC.

– Operation “Doubtfire” was just hysterical. The camerawork with Kara and then Supergirl appearing around Lena during the party was perfect.

– Could Winn and Lena be the show’s next couple? I loved watching them work together to set off the EMP and save Kara.

– Mama Luthor killing the baddies with a flick of a button was wonderfully nasty.

– Seriously, Alex’s final speech to Maggie was spectacular.

Kara Quips

Kara: No, Mon-El, there’s a time and a place for eating candy.
Mon-El: Yeah, and it’s this time and this place.

Kara: So when James gives you a task, you should be the one to complete it.
Mon-El: Not Miss Teschmacher. She wanted to please me. On Daxam, when a woman wishes to please a man…

Teschmacher: Mike, do you have protection?
Mon-El: You mean, like a sword?

Winn: (to James) There’s a difference, okay. She can fly. You’re just tall.

Winn: (to James) James, guys like us, we are here to-to give people information, right? To fight with knowledge.

Winn: (to James) If she wasn’t into either of us, there’s no way she’s into this guy, right?

Packed with charm and fun, Crossfire is a ridiculously enjoyable hour of Supergirl.

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  1. I love this review. Seriously, there's no other show on television that makes me smile half as much as Supergirl right now. Mon-El is HYSTERICAL and Alex coming out (sort of) was an incredible scene! The closeups on her face really helped make this a real, awkward moment.

    And that ending! I'm so pumped to see Lena Luthor and Supergirl eventually fighting by the end of the season.

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