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How To Get Away With Murder 3×08 – No More Blood

“You guys probably went on some murder spree and banged on top of a corpse.”


No More Blood did what no other episode this season has done: trick me into believing this show might actually be tightly plotted.

Bringing back the mystery woman from Frank’s past (who now has a name: Lisa Cameron) is a genius decision as it finally connects those random flashbacks from last season to this year’s overarching plot. Frank’s entire storyline has been this show’s secret weapon all along, which is why the writers are wary of giving everything away, but it’s about time they start moving the plot forward and not let Annalise take all the momentum.

Of course, the final twist that Frank’s horrifying encounter inside Lisa’s house was merely a way for Wes to be set free of the Mahoney case was brilliant, but it’s nothing compared to the pulse-pounding, magnificent final Annalise/Frank/Bonnie exchange. This show is at its best when it brings its best performers into the spotlight and give them a truly disturbing scene, and while I doubt Frank will end up shooting himself right then and there, there’s no denying this scene was three seasons in the making. Truly outstanding.

Sadly, the rest of the hour isn’t up to par with that scene. Wes’ subplot in court is absolutely dull, Connor and Oliver’s fights are becoming more repetitive than Annalise’s drinking, and the cliffhanger with Connor sleeping with Thomas is hilariously lame. Let’s hope the midseason finale completely flips this show upside down.

Murderous Bits

 – So, the “adult content” ABC kept warning us about, especially for the final 5 minutes, was for the scene with Annalise screaming at Frank to commit suicide, right?

– Horrendous opening scene with Frank at Laurel’s place.

– The Wes/Meggy drama should not be given that amount of screen-time.

– Interesting how Asher and Michaela have become the most stable, sane couple on this show. Did not see that coming.

– Sick of hearing everyone blaming one another for all the murders that have happened. It’s exhausting.

– Chilling moment with Bonnie asking Frank to go back into the house. It ends up being a red herring, of course, but for a minute there I truly thought she wanted Frank to kill that little girl!

– I would have loved Annalise/Frank/Bonnie’s goosebumps-worthy moment at the end more if it wasn’t interrupted by another flash-forward. This show feels like a soap opera sometimes in the way it cuts scenes at the most dramatic moment.

Courtroom Exchanges

Asher: I’m all about the team. We’re ducks, and ducks fly together. (Michaela looks at him) It’s Mighty Ducks. It’s a great movie.

Bonnie: Something bad’s always about to happen in this house.

While it’s still far from being a good show again, the final 10 minutes are absolutely nail-biting and shocking.

Chris Rating


  1. This was a really strong episode and good set up into the winter finale, but it’s a shame the road here wasn't better.

    It finally feels like the character motivation for Frank are a bit more defined, more specifically his guilt and erratic behavior. Now that we know that the Mahoney case finally came to the forefront in a big way, I feel like it should have had a much stronger presence than it did. If utilized properly I feel like it would have made for better momentum. Frank could have been set up as a faux threat that did things that were ambiguous and bad to the eye of the audience but in actuality were to help against the events surrounding the Mahoney murder, aka the real threat against Annalise & co.

    Speaking of more defined character motivations, I also felt Oliver wanting to push Connor away because he feels he hides things about himself were a bit more solidified this episode. It always felt like were alluding to this being an issue he had, but never actually had him say that . As a result the breakup and events after it were hit or miss.
    On a side note, one of subplot’s one I’m surprisingly enjoying is the relationship between
    Annalise and Soraya. I know one of your complaints was that the characters tend to often be really negative, so seeing them develop this way and Annalise offering to help her with her custody battle is really sweet.

    As far as the mystery as to who is under the sheet? I honestly can’t say. If it’s sad and tragic like the cast has been advertising, then Frank is the only person that’s left that could get that reaction. I do know that this show always has a curve ball in store as the mid season mystery comes to a close and I think even if the “sad” part ends up faltering that will be the more resonant thing about the episode.

  2. Yep, definitely agree that they should have set up Frank as a faux threat all along. It's the only way they could have made the Mahoney case interesting. Well, thank god that's over now anyway.

    Very interesting thoughts on Annalise/Soraya! Since every single dynamic on this show is “negative” (except Asher/Michaela recently?), I love that this is one relationship that can be quite sweet and interesting. But I fear the writers will drop Soraya out of the show and never mention her again very soon.

    Very intrigued about the winter finale this week. It's a big deal for the show at this point and it truly MUST impress because there's a lot riding on this one. Thanks for commenting!

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