Arrow 5×06 – And So it Begins?

"You play--what's American term-- douche--very well."


I feel like I don’t have much to say about Arrow these days. That’s not to say this season is bad; it’s miles ahead of the atrocious fourth season, but I’m nowhere near as passionate about the show as I was in its stellar second season. As for this episode? Well, it was pretty good I guess (in a ticking off the boxes sort of way).

First off there’s Prometheus. Ignoring the fact that he’s yet ANOTHER Dark Archer, the writers have done a fine enough job building him up as a the season’s Big Bad (thus far). The fact that the antagonist has been melting Ollie’s old killer arrows is a nifty touch, not to mention spelling people from Ollie’s infamous list.  Even the final twist with Quentin potentially being the villain was effective (although obviously a red herring). Maybe the baddie’s eventual reveal will kick the season into high gear and retain my investment?

Now let’s take a moment and discuss just how annoying Felicity and her detective boyfriend are. I thought Olicity was rock bottom, but this subplot is painful to watch (not to mention the fact that Tyler Ritter has the charisma of a mop. Terrible casting right here ladies and gentlemen!

Bits & Arrows

– Why are Star City citizens randomly shooting into the air? How idiotic was that?

– So Quentin is indeed still drinking. Say what you will about this storyline, I love that that the show has paired him with Thea.

– The flashbacks were notable for the introduction of Dolph Lundgren as Kovar, who now has Ollie captive. I’m not excited.

– Yet another nod to season one: Ollie shooting tennis balls!

– How did Evelyn even last 2 seconds fighting Prometheus on the train? Lame!

– Train blowing up: terrific CGI (Sense my sarcasm).

– So Detective Malloy now knows that Felicity works for the Green Arrow. This is going to be fun!

– Rene and Thea… future couple alert?

Quips & Canaries 

Felicity: Well, I’ll say it again. This is serious enough to warrant telling the rest of the recruits.
Diggle: Who–Curtis and 3 people we barely know?

Rene: You have a to-kill list? And I’m the out of control one?

A solid hour in theory, but I’m losing interest in this season.

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