Supergirl 2×06 – Changing

"I'll go get the alien. You get the girl."


How can a storyline be both uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time?

Supergirl‘s writers must be commended for handling Alex’s coming out with so much nuance and care. Everything about her revealing the truth to Kara was beautiful, but the ending was suitably gut-wrenching as Alex sobbed by her sister (after Maggie somewhat rejected her). There’s a whole lot of truth and gravitas in Chyler Leigh’s performance, and she’s been absolutely knocking this storyline out of the park.

The hilarious adventures of Kara and Mon-El continued this week with a bloodpumping training montage and some drunken escapades. Even Mon-El finally stepping up as a hero felt earned, and Chris Wood has more than proved himself as a standout addition to the cast. Plus his kidnapping at the hands of Cadmus should really provide the season’s arc with a whole lot of momentum and urgency.

Sure a case could be made that James’ superhero journey was immensely rushed, but can you really fault the writers for finally making us give a damn about Jimmy? The character’s never had a worthwhile storyline, so I definitely encourage what they’ve done so far. Plus, it gives us his heartwarming dynamic with Winn who continues to fire on all cylinders this season.

Super Bits

– I was gonna barf when that worm came out of the guy’s mouth and into his ear.

– Is anyone else reminded of Max and Alec’s hilarious banter on Dark Angel whenever Kara and Mon-El snipe at each other? That’s a compliment for sure!

– Very touching moment with Kara apologizing to Alex for not creating space for her to come to terms with her true feelings.

– I can’t decide if the CGI used to bring Parasite to life was effective or painfully cheap,. Maybe a little bit of both?

– Guardian’s shield is super cool!

– James’ costume is made of lead, which prevents Kara from seeing through it.

– So Hank doesn’t know that his blood transfusion is actually from a White Martian. Can’t wait to see those side effects!

– Sadly as much as I enjoyed this episode, there were no quotable lines to feature. Oops.

It might not have been as witty as most episodes, but this was still a highly enjoyable hour of Supergirl with one heck of a performance by Chyler Leigh.

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