Supergirl 2×07 – The Darkest Place

"Now I know how the bad guys feel when I pummel them."


Well that was spectacular.

Season two of Supergirl just keeps going from strength to strength, and this episode was no different. The Guardian material might not have been particularly mindblowing, but everything else? Totally on-point.

Every show benefits from having a great Big Bad, and Lillian Luthor has proven to be an excellent addition to the cast of Supergirl. It’s fascinating to see just how demented her perspective is (her son Luthor was “unjustly” imprisoned by the alien Superman), and just how committed she is to eradicating all aliens on Earth. In addition, her blackmailing Kara into depleting her powers was a heartbreaking stroke of genius, and probably the single most horrifying thing the show’s ever done (did anyone else feel like it was a rape metaphor with Kara being robbed of her self?). The moment was especially impactful because it showcased Kara’s innate heroism, in how blindly she agreed to the deal in order to spare Mon-El any pain. Beautiful stuff!

Of course a case could be made that James’ Guardian storyline is kind of distracting from the main proceedings, but if you suspend your disbelief and accept the fact that he’s a proficient fighter now (thanks to a black belt in karate), you get to enjoy the well-choreographed fight scenes and the notion that Kara is basically getting her own version of Buffy’s Scooby Gang. In fact, there’s a real familial vibe going on with the cast (see that heartwarming scene with them gathered for pizza at the end), and that’s the kind of genuine chemistry you can’t force.

And then here’s Hank, who is now transforming into a White Martian thanks to M’gann’s blood transfusion. It’s a powerful twist, one that capably highlights the racism and prejudice that still exists between the two races. Watching Hank utterly destroy the woman who saved his life was pretty shocking, and I’m beyond intrigued to see where this storyline goes now that she’s a DEO prisoner.

Finally, how can I not mention the REAL Hank Henshaw who is now Cyborg Superman (that line was painfully cheesy wasn’t it?). Not only does this development give our fine actor two meaty roles to dig into, it gives Supergirl a formidable villain to face-off with. The scene in which she got thrown around like a rag-doll genuinely made me fear for her life, and that’s no easy feat. Creepy!

Super Bits

РOh Supergirl, I so thought you were better than in media res openings. What a disappointment, especially that this one was so useless. RIP Alias.

– The gang’s new hangout is the alien bar isn’t it? Pretty cool!

– Nifty editing with Jame and Winn defending Guardian’s shenanigans in front of Kara and Alex, juxtaposed with the foiled robbery heist. Too much fun!

– Seriously the man who framed Guardian was way too disposable. It’s a testament to the rest of the show that this subplot didn’t derail the episode for me. Even his costume was far too similar to Guardian’s. I was getting confused!

– Hank does tai-chi – nice!

– Alex’s response to finding out James is Guardian: “Are you kidding me?“. How meta was that?

– Loved the continuity with the Red Tornado episode and the solar flare.

– It must be reiterated: it was gut-wrenching to see Kara so powerless. And then getting slapped? The ultimate insult.

– Mon-El has a secret about Daxam. We’re listening bro!

– Shoddy CGI with the Martian fight. Ugh.

– Although we were all expecting it to happen sometime soon, it was still a refreshing turn of events to see Dean Cain make a return appearance as Daddy Danvers. Anyone else feel like he was in on the escape plan because it was far too easy? Still loved his reunion with Kara.

– Kara heating the pot stickers with her eyes – too lovable.

– I’m absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of Mon-El and Kara getting together now that the former wants to “mate” with her.

– Alex didn’t get too much screen-time this week, but I’m curious to see where the writers are taking the Maggie dynamic seeing as how the cop actually convinced the Danvers sister that they can be just friends.

– Brilliant ending with Cyborg entering the Fortress of Solitude, and using Kara’s blood to access something called Project Medusa. Hmmm…

Kara Quips

Winn: Hmm. You know, for a place that caters to aliens, they have some pretty good chicken wings.
Kara: How do you know that’s chicken?

Kara: What’s the word for a male floozy?

Mon-El: You know, I’ve just learned that there is a long-standing mating ritual here where if you like it, you should’ve put a ring on it.

Mon-El: What do you call ugly women on this planet? Is it cats? No, dogs…

Winn: (to James) I’m your accomplice. I can’t survive in prison! I’ve seen every season of Oz.

Winn: (to James) Why am I strong enough to say no to joining your fantasy football league, but not this?

Alex: (to Winn) I know six different very painful ways to get you to tell me who Guardian is, using my index finger.

Mon-El: Are you okay?
Kara: I’m scared. Mon-El? If something happens, if… If I don’t get out of here, I need you to tell Alex something for me. I need you to tell her to just keep living her life on her own terms. Tell her I wasn’t scared, okay?
Mon-El: Well, if I don’t make it and you do, you’re welcome to tell everyone I was scared out of my mind.

James: I thought you said high and left!
Winn: That was to avoid bullets. I did not realize he had grenades.

Mon-El: Is Kara mated to someone?
Winn: Say what?

An action-packed hour with some terrific forward momentum. What a stellar season!

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