Supergirl 2×08 – Medusa

"You know, you look beautiful, with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulder."


I hope none of you were expecting the four-way crossover to begin with this episode, because we only got a few seconds of that. Otherwise, this was an especially amusing hour.

 Most importantly, Medusa succeeded in creating parallels between Kara and Lena – two strong women with overwhelming family legacies that threaten to shape who they want to be. Katie McGrath had what was probably her finest episode yet, as I genuinely believed her evil streak when she crossed over to the dark side, only to turn the tables on her duplicitous mother. But is this the end of Lillian Luthor for now (she got arrested after all)? I was sure she’d be the season’s Big Bad. Hmm…

It’s amazing really how much chemistry there is between Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist. In the span of only a handful of episodes, Supergirl managed to make me root for these two to get together. Their first kiss in Medusa with Mon-El on his deathbed was an electrifying moment, punctuated by his denial of it ever happening (although that final look proves he was pretending). Here’s hoping the writers don’t mess this up because this is the first time the show has succeeded in producing a viable significant other for our lovable heroine.

Finally, the show continued to do an excellent job with regards to Alex’s coming out journey. Who didn’t get all tingly inside when Maggie came over at the end and kissed Alex after realizing that “life is short”? It’s obviously a bit schizophrenic seeing as how she just wanted to remain friends a few episodes back, but still wonderfully heartwarming. And really Chyler Leigh can do no wrong.

Super Bits

– No more opening Supergirl VO? Whew.

– So amusing: Kara cooking the turkey with her laser eyes.

– Mon-El bringing actual pillow stuffing was just hysterical.

– A bit stupid that Kara thought Mon-El was interested in her mom. Yuck.

– The racism/genocide message continues with Cadmus using Kara’s blood to unlock Medusa: a virus that specifically targets aliens. The bar massacre was just vicious!

– The fact that Lillian Luthor admits to her daughter that she loved Lex more (since he wasn’t adopted and all) – talk about brutal honesty.

– A quick but great character touch: Mama Luthor smelling the wine in Lena’s office and making a sour face.

– The image of Kara and Mon-El playing monopoly through the jail was just adorable.

– So heroic: the fact that Kara selflessly opens the cage door to save Mon-El without worrying about getting infected!

– Poor Fortress of Solitude robot getting fried by Kara!

– Probably one of the finest tearjerker moments I’ve seen all year: Eliza responding with nothing but love when Alex comes out. What a gorgeous, tremendously-acted scene.

– It never gets old seeing Kara saving a man by carrying him like a damsel in distress.

– Loved the shot of Kara standing in front of Lena and shattering the sign that Cyborg throws at her.

– Super nifty shot of Hank falling under the enormous crates.

– I know I’m being nitpicky but it was too convenient for Mama Luthor to blow up the rocket at the instant Kara grabbed hold of it. It’s not like she could see it from so far away.

– I genuinely can’t believe the writers made Hank repeat that “Cyborg Superman” line, and even had Kara respond with an even cheesier line “You may be a cyborg but you are no Superman!”. There are no words to express the cringeworthiness of it all.

– So Eliza managed to reverse Hank’s White Martian transformation. That’s IT? Talk about anticlimactic. Why did we even go through that subplot then? I’m so confused.

– We’ve got an alien spaceship that’s hot on Mon-El’s trail. Uh oh.

– You’d think with all the crossover hype that we’d get more than two seconds of Barry and Cisco arriving at the end. Oh well.

– The “To be continued on The Flash” amused me greatly. Haven’t watched that show in a long, long time.

Kara Quips

Winn: So, last night, the space-time continuum ripped apart in the middle of your apartment. Which only makes it slightly less intense than last year’s Thanksgiving.
Kara: Any idea what caused it?
Winn: Oh, maybe some extra-dimensional being just had a craving for your mom’s cranberry relish.

Kara: How did she feel when you changed the company’s direction?
Lena: You mean when I changed it from its “Murdering world domination” direction?
Kara: Sure, yes.

Lena: Some mothers wear lockets with pictures of their children. You wear the keys to a bazooka.
Lillian: It’s a rocket launcher.

Eliza: We were able to reverse engineer a cure from a living sample of the virus.
Alex: And when my mother says “we,” She really means “she.” But Winn and I watched enthusiastically.

Must-Download Tune
Sigma featuring Rita Ora – Coming Home

A poignant hour with enough exciting developments to make the winter hiatus a tough one to sit through.

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