Arrow 5×09 – What We Leave Behind

"In our town, people who are dead turn out to be secretly alive almost every Wednesday."


I love that Arrow‘s midseason finale didn’t take the cliché route.

I very much expected Felicity and the team to turn on Ollie after Prometheus orchestrated Billy’s murder, but watching them all rally around our hero was a breath of fresh air. The writers could have easily dragged out the Felicity angst for half the season (and they still might), but at least for now, our IT whiz seems to recognize that her boyfriend’s death can’t really be blamed on Ollie. Isn’t it so refreshing to have a mature Arrow for once?

And then there’s Laurel Lance. If my favorite Katie Cassidy is indeed back (and not just a hallucination), then I couldn’t be happier. It’s a bit unfortunate how these writers can never stick to their guns and give death the weight it deserves, but I’m not complaining as having Laurel back would undoubtedly get me invested in Arrow again. Although there is the possibility she’s just a hallucination (notice the lingering shot on the drink Susan prepared for Ollie), my money’s on Black Siren masquerading as our favorite Black Canary. Perhaps she escaped her prison on The Flash during the crossover fiasco? It’s going to be a long wait until January.

Bits & Arrows

– Drunk Felicity nervously introducing Malone to Ollie was hilarious.

– Oliver’s favorite Christmas movies: Die Hard, and It’s A Wonderful Life (a nice nod to last week’s meta adventure).

– How could Curtis even last two seconds against Prometheus?

– Does everyone go to the same damn hospital room in Star City?

– Interestingly enough, the flashbacks only went back four years to a time when Diggle was still Ollie’s bodyguard. I miss the old days.

– Awesome visual with Ollie’s arrow getting sliced in midair by Prometheus’ throwing star.

– Loved Evelyn saving Prometheus from Arrow and Wild Dog. Now who’s the one that’ll get to kill her?

–  Was anyone else tremendously bored by Curtis’ subplot? Although the show gets props for diversity, both he and his husband are terribly dull.

– Ollie revoking his staff’s holiday hours pissed me off. Thank God he’s not my boss!

– So who is the mysterious woman in Russia who taught Ollie (and our Big Bad) that signature flip? My money’s on Talia Al Ghul.

– Thea mentioning Tommy is interesting seeing as how there are many theories about Ollie’s fallen best friend being the villain. Since we’re bringing back everyone who ever died, why not? My money’s on Moira for season 8’s Big Bad.

– Cringeworthy: the flashback to Ollie and Felicity. Talk about a retcon; we all know there were no romantic sparks back then in season one. Ugh.

– Creativity: that super cool escalator fight scene.

– Badass moment of the week: Ollie grabbing Prometheus midair and crashing through the glass window below. Now that’s a cool stunt!

– Diggle got arrested. Does anyone care?

– “Hi Ollie” indeed. Got I love Katie Cassidy.

Quips & Canaries 

Rene: Think in Flashpoint I maybe dated her back in high school?
Rory: It’s an alternate timeline, not an alternate reality.
Rene: What’s that supposed to mean?
Rory: It means– and no offense– but in a multiverse of possibilities there’s no world where Thea Queen goes out with, you know, someone like you.
Rene: What’s that supposed to mean–someone like me?
Thea: It means you’re not my type.

Oliver: You have until 11 pm tomorrow to make this right.
Justin: And what happens if I don’t?
Oliver: (shoots him in the leg) I’ll aim higher.

A gripping midseason finale with one heck of a bombshell ending.

Nad Rating

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  1. “crossover fiasco”
    – Does everyone go to the same damn hospital room in Star City?
    – Diggle got arrested. Does anyone care?

    Hahaha your Arrow reviews this season are the best! So amusing.

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