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Poster Reviews Volume #5

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Invasion Crossover 
In anticipation of the much-hyped DCTV crossover featuring Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, The CW released four posters which combined to create one epic banner. I love this creation in theory, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Why is Kara’s face so photoshopped? Why are so many characters missing? Why is it all so dull? I know the CW can do better. Bright side, props for including the portal that allowed Kara to jump between worlds, and for putting Sara front and center in the Legends visual (since we all know she’s the only one worth watching).
Tagline: None.
Nad Rating

The Crown – Season One 
Starting with the simple and powerful solo shot, this campaign is just stunning across the board. The striking colors, the elegant framing, the effective copy that doesn’t rely on needless words – it’s all exceptional (just like the show’s debut season). Perfect!
Tagline: Wife/Husband, Sovereign/Sister, Ruler/Leader
Nad Rating

Emerald City – Season One 
Meh. Although I’m very excited for NBC’s ambitious new fantasy drama, this messy poster just doesn’t get the job done. The art direction is painfully weak – characters are all over the place and there’s absolutely no structure. The tagline tries what it can with its foreboding tone, but it’s not enough to salvage the poster.
Tagline: A new OZ rises. 
Nad Rating

Scandal – Season Six 
Every season, Scandal releases a poster with the same template: a solo shot of Olivia (sometimes Fitz makes an appearance) against a black background, and an impactful tagline. The season one poster was lame, two is my favorite, three made no sense, four wasn’t bad at all, and five was pretty sexy.  But this? This is just mundane on every level. At least I miss this crazy show!
Tagline: The balance of power is about to shift. 
Nad Rating

The Simpsons – 600 Episodes
I don’t watch The Simpsons, but I absolutely love this artwork. It’s creative, whacky, and oh so delightful to look at. Plus it still manages to include Homer’s love for donuts in a witty manner. Gold stars! (Also notice the crayon in the nose).
Tagline: None. 
Nad Rating

Sleepy Hollow – Season Four 
I’ve only seen the pilot of Sleepy Hollow, but this is a terrific poster. The tagline is a perfect pun, the visual is eye-catching, and the color scheme is simple and alluring.
Tagline: Carry on. 
Nad Rating

The Walking Dead – Season Seven
Now this is gorgeous! I’m behind on The Walking Dead but I certainly appreciate just how beautiful this is. I love how the characters are inside the blood-drenched “UP” while Rick leads them out in the center. It’s symbolic and memorable.
Tagline: Rise Up. 
Nad Rating

The Young Pope – Season One
Another tremendous example of powerful simplicity. I love it when art departments restrain themselves and don’t overdo it (I’m looking at you Emerald City). This poster tells you all you need to know (and I haven’t even started the show) with enormous ease. Excellent!
Tagline: His religion is revolution. 
Nad Rating

Homeland – Season Six 
Again while I don’t watch Homeland (I saw the first season but it wasn’t for me), this is a very captivating visual. The blood on the streets, the gritty font, that strut – it all makes me want to pick up where I left off. And for a poster to do that, well that’s pretty darn impressive!
Tagline: Home. 
Nad Rating


  1. I love the “less is more” artistic style of the Crown posters. They have more going on in them than the Scandal poster.

    The Simpsons poster is delightfully wacky. I can't believe the show has reached 600 episodes.

    The Walking Dead poster is badass and has me excited for the second half of the season which I expect to be more fast-paced than the first half with the war about to start. The sooner Carol gets over herself and back into action, the better.


  2. The Queen's facial expressions in The Crown's posters are incredible! And hilarious!

    I think Emerald City has the worst poster I have ever seen in my life. So sad considering I'm really looking forward for this show!


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