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Game of Thrones 5×04 – Sons of the Harpy

"He's a dangerous man. But even the most dangerous men can be outmaneuvered."


Words can’t express how much I’m enjoying Jaime and Bronn’s adventures in Dorne. Everything from their banter, to Bronn cleverly figuring out that Myrcella is Jaime’s daughter and that the Kingslayer is the one who freed Tyrion, was perfect. But the cherry on top was the kickass fight sequence against the guards on the beach. It’s riveting because you genuinely fear for Jaime who has to learn to fight with one hand. There’s a truly incredible moment here when he finally unlocks his strength after accidentally grabbing his attacker’s sword with his golden hand. Wow, more of this please!

This is also the episode where Cersei (unknowingly) gets in way over her head. In her plot to overthrow Margaery, she not only sends Lord Tyrell to the Iron Bank with Ser Myrant (who will probably kill him), but she arms the High Septon and makes sure the faith militants set their sights on Margaery’s brother Loras. It’s a cunning plan to be sure, but it’s also fascinating to see just how oblivious Cersei is to the consequences of her actions. After all, if they condemn homosexuality, why wouldn’t they condemn incest?

Then there’s Melisandre seducing Jon Snow. It’s a shocking moment as she undresses in front of him and places his hand on her breast, but it’s also a clever reminder that the last time Melisandre slept with someone (Stannis), she bore a shadow baby that swiftly killed Renly Baratheon. Thankfully Jon pushes her away, which leads to another highlight: Melisandre uttering Ygritte’s iconic line “You know nothing Jon Snow.” As if Jon needed any more proof that this woman had otherworldly powers! What is it about this pairing that’s just so darn enthralling?

Ever since Grey Worm was introduced all the way back in season three, he’s been sorely in need of some development. I’m happy to say that I have become completely invested in the character after his life-or-death situation at the end of this episode. Seeing him get ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy was absolutely terrifying. The sequence managed to inject even more drama by bringing in Ser Barristan to save Grey Worm (talk about some badass sword-fighting skills) only for the warrior to suffer some seemingly mortal wounds as the hour came to a close. The final shot is also particularly memorable: Grey Worm, Barristan, and a heck-load of Unsullied and Harpies sprawled out on the ground. Now that’s a chilling cliffhanger.

Bits & Beheadings

– The sequence with the Faith Militant arresting people around King’s Landing is harrowingly effective. The most powerful moment is definitely a sparrow grabbing a prostitute mid-sex, and then a group of sparrows branding an elderly man with his male prostitute (both of whom are naked on the floor).

– Lancel’s new forehead tattoo – stylish!

– It’s so demeaning isn’t it to watch King Tommen stand down after the Sparrows refuse to let him pass? I would have totally given my Kingsguard the order to kill them all!

– When Tommen appears in public, you can hear people screaming out and calling him a sinner and an abomination. Ouch.

– Heartwarming scene: Shireen asking her father if he’s ashamed of her, and his response with the story of the doll he gave her. We rarely see such a loving and compassionate side to the king.

– Badass moment: Bronn throwing the dagger at one of his attackers and then brutally slicing a horse.

– I love little tidbits of history, so I was certainly captivated by Littlefinger discussing Rhaegar Targaryen’s story. Even more impressive was Sansa calling Rhaegar a rapist.

– Cringeworthy: Littlefinger kissing Sansa on the lips before leaving. Can you say ew?

– Comedy gold: Jaime raising his hand when Bronn glares at him for not rowing.

– Bronn hitting a nerve: asking Jaime if Cersei feels the same way about him. The truth hurts doesn’t it?

– Is it just me, or are the Sand Snakes completely ridiculous? They feel like they walked out of some cartoon. I’m skeptical.

– Hilarious Tyrion singing in the boat through the gag. I also love how he figured out who Jorah was and what his plan was so easily using the clues around him.

Kings & Quips

Bronn: There’s nothing like a good fight to get you in the mood for fucking.

Bronn: (to Jaime) Why are you here? Why not send 40 of me, or an army? Unlike most folks, you actually got one.

Pycelle: The Small Council grows smaller and smaller.
Cersei: Not small enough.

Sparrow: Wars teach people to obey the sword, not the Gods.
Cersei: Perhaps the Gods need a sword of their own.

Littlefinger: Let’s speak somewhere the dead can’t hear us.

Bronn: That would have been a shit way to die.
Jaime: As far as I’ve seen, they’re all shit way to die.
Bronn: Aye. But y’all ought to give the singers a good ending.

Jaime: But first we need to bury these bodies.
Bronn: Birds have to eat too.
Jaime: Corpses raise questions, questions raise armies.

Daario: I think I can protect you from Hizdhar Zo Loraq.
Daenerys: I think I can protect me from Hizdhar Zo Loraq.

A jam-packed hour that fires on almost every cylinder. Season five is shaping up quite nicely after all!

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