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Game of Thrones 5×06 – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

"We both peddle fantasies, Brother Lancel. Mine just happen to be entertaining."


I’m sad to report that in the six episodes since she reached Braavos, Arya hasn’t really done anything. Her entire arc this year has just been treading water, so it’s at least refreshing to see her get aggressive with Jaqen (who keeps whipping her and calling her a liar) in between corpse-baths. Some forward momentum does occur when she takes a hint from The Waif and tells a lie of her own (which leads to a sick girl getting poisoned?), and finally gains entry into the chamber of hanging faces. Can Arya just start shapeshifting already? Because this is getting dull.

Much has been said about Sansa Stark’s rape, and while I’ll refrain from judging before I watch more, I think it works at the moment seeing as how Sansa has had such a painfully tragic journey since the start of the series. It’s all the more upsetting seeing as how she was just starting to tap into her power (notice how she dealt with Myranda moments before). And while it’s a bizarre choice to focus so distinctly on Reek during the rape scene, I don’t think I could have handled any more extreme closeups on Sansa getting abuse. Let’s reserve judgement until we see how the writers handle the fallout of the rape. This is where it gets really tricky.

Words can’t express how ecstatic I am to have Lady Olenna back on the show. Diana Rigg is the show’s MVP, and she’s hilariously astounding in every single one of her scenes. I loved watching her face off yet again with Cersei, and I was fascinated by how incapable she was of saving her grandchildren after the High Septon had them arrested. It’s such an absorbing turn of events to see the religious fantastics turn on the royals, and it injects the season with a real sense of much needed urgency.

Bits & Beheadings

– Hilarious: Jorah asking if Tyrion ever shuts up.

– Great scene with Tyrion telling Jorah that his father was a good man. Sadly, Jorah didn’t even know he had died.

– I like that Tyrion asks some very relevant questions about Dany. Is she insane like the rest of her family? Why does she deserve to be on the Iron Throne? We’ve been rooting for her for so long as an audience, that we never really stop and think that she might not be the best option.

– It’s funny how Tyrion doesn’t reveal his identity when the pirate Malko catches him and Jorah. Instead he uses Jorah’s reputation as a warrior to seduce the pirate for some fighting pit profit.

РLove how Jorah mentions killing the Dothraki bloodrider Qotho all the way back in season one.

– Creepy moment with Lancel getting in Littlefinger’s way when he arrives in King’s Landing.

– Loras’ birthmark ended up being his downfall, as Olyvar is brought in as a witness and uses it against him. Damn!

– Littlefinger’s machinations continue as we discover he wants to be The Warden of The North and he offers to overthrow House Bolton or Baratheon (whoever wins at Winterfell) for Cersei. An ambitious slimeball isn’t he?

– How horrible and clumsily edited is the big face-off between Jaime, Bronn and the Sand Snakes? I’m not used to Game of Thrones¬†faltering from a technical perspective, but it’s a real disappointment to see them miss the mark so obviously.

– The snow wedding was pretty gorgeous huh? In a sinister sort of way.

Kings & Quips

Arya: I’m not playing this stupid game anymore!
Jaqen: We never stop playing.

Jaqen: (to Arya) Is a girl ready? To give up her ears, her nose, her tongue? Her hopes and dreams, her loves and hates? All that makes a girl who she is… forever?

Jorah: Have you ever heard baby dragons singing?
Tyrion: No.
Jorah: It’s hard to be a cynic after that.

Malko: Chop off his cock. We’ll sell it for a fortune. A dwarf’s cock has magic powers.

Bronn: And once we’ve got the princess, then what?
Jaime: I like to improvise.
Bronn: That explains the golden hand.

Olenna: (to Margaery) Get some rest, dear. You look appalling.

Olenna: Put the pen down, dear. We both know you’re not writing anything.
Cersei: Ah, yes. The famously tart-tongued Queen of Thorns.
Olenna: And the famous tart Queen Cersei.

Cersei: As for your veiled threats–
Olenna: What veil?

An engrossing yet deeply disturbing hour of Game of Thrones.

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