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Game of Thrones 6×05 – The Door

"Does death only come for the wicked and leave the decent behind?"


And so we get Hodor’s last episode and boy is it a doozy.

Through Bran’s time travel adventures,¬†Game of Thrones¬†produces one heck of a mind-bending ending as the past and present overlap in explosive fashion. The revelation that Hodor is really “Hold The Door” is a bonafide bombshell, made even more shocking seeing as how young Hodor developed the trauma because present-day Hodor was trying to save Bran. Whatever this means for the future (Bran will exert some ridiculously insane powers over all the timelines), this development creates one gut-punch of an ending as the wights kill Bran’s lovable companion. I’m gonna miss the big guy!

The Door¬†is also notable since it reveals a whole lot of mythology about Westeros. Bran discovers that the Children of the Forest were the first inhabitants of the world, and that once they were attacked by man, they created the White Walkers by plunging a dagger into the human who would then become the Night King. It’s a fascinating twist, and it lends that final sequence a whole lot more impact as the Children slowly meet their demise protecting Bran. It’s the main Child, Leaf, who gets to have the most heroic sacrifice and give Bran and Meera those few precious seconds to escape. I for one can not wait to learn more about the White Walkers and what makes them tick.

Finally, the scene in which Sansa reunites Littlefinger is one of the most emotionally charged and gut-wrenching things this show’s done in a while. I love how stern she is with the man who sold her to her rapist, recounting the details of her abuse and threatening to have him killed by Brienne. How satisfying was that? Here’s hoping Sansa is the one who finally executes that snake.

Bits & Beheadings

– Badass moment with Arya flipping back to her feet. What a ninja she’s become!

– Our young Stark receives a second chance this week: assassinate an actress who plays Cersei in an utterly hilarious play that mocks everything we’ve seen on the show thus far.

– It’s heartbreaking to see Arya sit through her dad’s beheading in the play. It must be said that the rhymes are hilarious.

– The male frontal nudity was pretty random with the actor and his wart?

– I have to admit, tears welled up in my eyes as Jorah revealed his Greyscale to Dany and she ordered him to find a cure. I can’t wait till he returns. Emilia Clarke kicked ass here.

– Tyrion tells Varys a very familiar line “Who said anything about him?”. This is the exact same line that Varys uttered in the season five premiere when he wanted Tyrion to meet Daenerys. I love symmetry.

– We’ve got a new red priestess in the form of Kinvara. Although Varys is suspicious, she more than proves him wrong when she reveals his castration story. So what did the voice in the fire tell him all those years ago? The show better not forget this plot point.

– Uber creepy scene with Bran walking through the White Walker army and finally coming face-to-face with the Night King who grabs him. Shudder.

– Yara also got a whole lot of screen-time this week as she vied for her father’s throne only for her uncle Euron Greyjoy to take over with his plan to marry Dany. I knew her assuming power wouldn’t be that easy. Still, having her and brother Greyjoy on the run should prove exciting.

– The whole ritual with Euron being drowned and reborn was intensely creepy.

– Brienne wisely asks Sansa why she lied to Jon about Littlefinger. Why did she?

– Love the cloak that Sansa made Jon with their house sigil.

– Tormund is still checking out Brienne. Uh oh.

– I didn’t catch this moment at first, but Meera notices that her breath is visible, which alerts her to the White Walker’s arrival.

– The fact that the Night King casually struts through the ring of fire without a care in the world. Ha!

– How kickass is Meera killing a White Walker by stabbing him with Dragonglass in the neck?

– That’s two dead direwolves in two episodes. Not okay! RIP Summer.

– Bye bye Three-Eyed-Raven. Literally #Dusted.

– The visual of the wights running through every angle of the tunnel like roaches was terrifying.

Kings & Quips

Sansa: (to Littlefinger) Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot. If you did know, you’re my enemy.

Sansa: (to Littlefinger) I don’t believe you anymore. I don’t need you anymore. You can’t protect me. You won’t even be able to protect yourself if I tell Brienne to cut you down.

Priestess: The dragons will purify nonbelievers by the thousands, burning their sins and flesh away.
Tyrion: Ideally we’d avoid purifying too many nonbelievers.

Varys: (to the Priestess) I suppose it’s hard for a fanatic to admit a mistake. Isn’t that the whole point of being a fanatic? You’re always right.

Brienne: I don’t like leaving you here alone.
Sansa: With Jon?
Brienne: Not him. He seems trustworthy. A bit brooding, perhaps. I suppose that’s understandable, considering.

A brilliant game-changing hour with a stunner of an ending.

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  1. I love how much of a take-charge badass Sansa became this season. It's sad to think she only got this way due to horrific experiences.

    The ending sequence of The Door from the revelation of the Children's involvement in the White Walkers' creation to Hodor's demise was powerful stuff. The twist about Hodor took me by surprise.

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