Arrow 5×10 – Who Are You

"First, we need to take care of your ex, who's not even your ex."


This was the most amusing episode of Arrow in a long, long time. And then the writers completely messed it up in every possible way.

Let’s start with the good stuff: Katie Cassidy playing a villain is the stuff dreams are made of. The actress thrives in such roles (see the Melrose Place remake and Supernatural), and this was no different. Laurel Lance was horribly written at many points throughout four seasons, but Black Siren (which Katie played on The Flash last year) is free from the burdens and stupid plot developments this show’s writers routinely thrust upon her. And then the last ten minutes happened: the writers had a perfect opportunity to rectify the imbecilic decision of killing off Laurel last year by putting Black Siren on a redemptive arc as the new Black Canary. God knows all the pieces were there with Oliver seeing the good in her, and Katie’s rejuvenated performance. But no, they had to introduce a random chick in the episode’s final moments who also happens to have the Canary Cry? Everything about this is inane, from the girl’s existence (the Cry is suddenly a common ability?!) to wasting Katie Cassidy and disrespecting her yet again. Do I need to remind the show that they gave her nothing to do in the first season, sidelined her in the second when another Caity took over asskicking duties, and then killed her off not long after making her a hero? And all to prop up Felicity – a character who has singlehandedly managed to ruin the show. I have no words.

Moreover, this episode is is brimming with contrivances. I refuse to believe that Siren would be scared of Prometheus. After all, one scream from her and he’d be dead. But no, the writers need the plot to keep moving even if the motivations are completely ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on Siren’s Canary Cry. On The Flash, it could level a skyscraper, but here it only sends people flying back (and sometimes it just makes their ears hurt). It genuinely pisses me off when writers take us for idiots. I’m sorry but NO. 

 If it wasn’t for Talia al Ghul making her appearance in the final moments (in the Russia flashbacks), I wouldn’t even watch next week. But Talia, means potentially more Nyssa, and well… Nyssa is the last character that’s still a badass on this show. Here’s hoping it runs in the family.

Bits & Arrows

 – I did like Siren’s lie about Sara saving her on the Waverider.

– So if Diggle needs a lawyer, did no one think of Laurel, cause you know she’s back and all?

– I hope someone films Thea getting the news that Laurel is dead again! And what about Detective Lance?

– Why is everyone sad about Detective Malone even though they’ve never said two words to him?

– Great touch with Siren almost taking the champagne glass then silently realizing the real Laurel is an alcoholic.

– There’s nothing more satisfying in the world than Siren sending Felicity and company flying with her screams. I could watch this forever.

– My favorite scene: Black Siren bullying Felicity through the glass and then screaming her way out of it.

– The nectar quote is heavy handed and horrible.

– Siren has the same drunk strut she has on The Flash. Too funny!

– Thank God Siren blows up that hideous Laurel statue. Atrocious.

– Nifty fight choreo between Arrow and Prometheus. But how does the latter have tolerance against Diazpam?

– Curtis makes a weapon against Siren. Joy.

– Smart move with Diggle punching Adrian so he can prosecute him. But this subplot is a total bore.

– So Felicity punched Siren, whereas The Flash (and Ollie) could barely land a blow on her. Barf. Maybe we rename this show Felicity and Friends?

Quips & Canaries

Roy: I guess spontaneous resurrection is as good as any reason for a party.

Rene: Well, I don’t mean Laurel being back is what’s weird. It’s how you’re all reacting to it like it’s happened before.
Oliver: The Lance sisters have a habit of coming back to life.

Rory: I don’t sleep much or at all. Side effect of wearing haunted rags,

Rory: What’s that? It’s nothing.
Felicity: It’s uh my Q-mail, you know, my Facechat, Snapbook stuff. All the kids are doing these new, crazy social media things.

Black Siren: You know, I am so sick and tired of playing this weak, vulnerable Laurel. She’s such a pill, it’s pathetic. [Sonic scream] You know, the one problem with my ability is that I can never hear my poor, little victims scream.

Curtis: I would love to see what I’m like on Earth-2. Oh, God. What if I’m straight?

Felicity: Boys, I just put you on a separate channel.
Rory: Uh, why?
Felicity: So if Black Siren looks like she’s about to double-cross– and trust me, she will– you have it on my authority to light her up.

Felicity: (To Oliver) When did you find the time to get a Ph.D. in psychology?

Adrian: My name’s Adrian Chase, Star City district attorney.
Diggle: John Diggle, convict. You here to add to my charges?
Adrian: Not exactly. I’m representing you. Your friend Oliver’s persuasive, plus he’s my boss.

Black Siren: What happened between you and Oliver? Did he find someone else, or were you not tall enough? Do you have a sister? Because I hear he loves sisters.
Felicity: Oliver seems to think that because you look like Laurel that you could become her.
Black Siren: And what do you think?
Felicity: I think… You should get used to living in cages. There’s a part of him that blames himself for Laurel’s death. It’s who he is, so when he looks at you… He doesn’t just see Laurel. He sees a shot at redemption.
Black Siren: Wow. It must be really frustrating that he doesn’t listen to you.

Curtis: The power went off and the dampener along with it.
Rene: And Goldilocks huffed and puffed and blew the door down.
Curtis: That’s not exactly how her power works.

Rene: (To Black Siren) Don’t move, Trinity.

Curtis: (To Black Siren) You really need to shut your damn mouth.

Felicity: (After punching Black Siren) Kept my wrist straight.

Genera: I’ll be back with a writ signed by the President.
Adrian: Can’t wait. I’ve always wanted her autograph.

Felicity: This is why I usually leave the punching to you guys.
Oliver: It was a memorable punch.

Katie Cassidy elevated this episode but the writers completely wrecked the ending. Some things never change.

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  1. I wish they had done a Black Siren redemptive arc. Would be interesting watching her try to be on the straight and narrow while learning how to live in this other reality.

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