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The Affair 3×10 – Episode Ten

"I learned from my parents' mistakes, and your mother learned from hers, just as you'll learn from our mistakes and be better with your children until someone, someday, many years from now, finally has a perfect childhood."


For a while there, I thought I was being too hard on The Affair. After all, this was a show that was absolutely astounding its first two seasons, and deserved the benefit of the doubt. Well, after watching this horrible season finale, I can finally confirm that the show did indeed lose its way this year, and caused irreparable damage in the process.

How in the world did this show’s writing team see fit to waste half their season finale’s running time on a character we could care less about? Juliette’s Paris adventures were absolutely excruciating to watch, and it boggles my mind that such a superfluous character can take center stage when so many others were completely sidelined for the year’s biggest episode. If the show didn’t want to showcase Alison, Helen and Cole, maybe they could have shed some light on Luisa, Margret, Bruce or even Whitney (since you know, she’s actually featured in this episode). But no, we signed up for The Affair to watch a random woman named Juliette deal with her sick husband and rude headmistress. What a tedious, appalling disaster in every way.

Noah’s perspective was less of a failure, but he’s still the least likeable of the show’s primary cast. In addition, I think the show gave him a bit too much attention this season with the horrid and immensely unsatisfying Gunther plot. The one bright spot in his storyline here is that he has started to rebuild his relationship with Whitney, punctuated by him leaving Juliette to ensure his daughter gets home safely. Hardly season finale material, but at least it somewhat advances his character arc.

It’s hilarious to me that the finale ends with a cab driver asking Noah “Where are we going?”. Noah doesn’t answer because he has no idea, and I bet the show doesn’t know where it’s going either.

Bits & Flings

– How contrived is it that Juliette and Noah are kissing in public the same second her judgmental friends walk by? Am I watching a soap opera?

– The most unlikeable thing I’ve seen all year: Juliette having sex right outside her house after her husband dies with her daughter inside.

– The only nice touch in this finale: no subtitles in Noah’s perspective as Juliette’s friends babble on in French. It’s a clever way of making viewers feel Noah’s isolation. I’m not too fluent in French but I did catch the women asking if Noah’s circumcised. Naughty.

– I really wish Whitney let Noah punch the heck of out of Furkat for slapping her.

– Great point by Whitney that Noah might as well have slapped Helen since he made her life hell in every other way. I love mature Whitney.

– If you didn’t notice, this finale was filmed entirely in France. I bet Maura Teirney and the rest of the cast were pissed that they weren’t featured. Or maybe glad they avoided this flop?

– Why is Helen waving at Noah and smiling? Didn’t the previously segment just remind us that he raped her quite recently? Ugh, this show.

– Well at least Martin is being nice.

– Honestly I kind of wish the show got cancelled since this finale was so terrible. Here’s hoping they can salvage this mess next year, because this season was an insult to fans after two stellar years.

Adulterous Sayings

Noah: I never hit your mother.
Whitney: You may as well have. At least with Furkat, I know when something’s bothering him. You know, he lets it out. You think you’re better than him because you swallowed your feelings for 20 years and then left us and ruined our lives?

Dull and pointless, this season finale is a misfire in every way.

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  1. I absolutely love this review. It's both positively hilarious and sad to see this show deteriorate in front of our eyes.

    My favorite lines:

    “But no, we signed up for The Affair to watch a random woman named Juliette deal with her sick husband and rude headmistress.”

    “and I bet the show doesn't know where it's going either.”

    “Well at least Martin is being nice.”

    Plus, you KNOW an episode is horrible when the only character you love now is WHITNEY! Loved reading your reviews this season. You made it much more tolerable to watch.

  2. I hope it's all a dream. He clearly needed therapy for his pain addiction. Would love to see how he came to wind up with Juliette. Or how Helen magically forgave him for raping her. That Helen was completely fine after realizing she's messed up too. Can we get Alison pregnant again? With Noah's child this home? He needs to wind up with Juliette and have an affair with Alison…

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