Supergirl 2×10 – We Can Be Heroes

"You know what I love? Little boys who think they can do a better job than the woman who's an actual superhero. Pathetic!"


What an excellent episode.

Livewire was pretty terrible in her first two appearances in season one, but thankfully her return here was carried out in a much more effective manner. The fact that she actually ends up being a prisoner and ultimately teams up with Supergirl gives the character a whole lot more dimension and complexity. If she is indeed Kara’s “nemesis” going forward (the show sure tried to shove that idea down our throats this week), then here’s hoping further appearances are provided with a unique twist like this week’s encounter.

The Guardian storyline has been hit and miss this year, but James telling Kara he doesn’t want to be in the shadows anymore is certainly the single best scene the character’s ever had. Both characters have very valid points, which makes this debate supremely effective. Plus the resolution to the storyline with the guys actually walking away from Kara as she says she doesn’t agree with their heroics was fantastic; we’ve never seen such a pivotal rift within the gang so this is bound to create some exciting developments.

I must sound like a broken record by now, but I absolutely love everything about the Mon-El character, and his dynamic with Kara. Whether he’s asking for a supersuit or finally opening up to Kara, Chris Wood imbues the character with so much charm and likability. I truly hope he remains part of the show’s fabric for a long time to come. Plus that final scene was wonderfully poignant as he basically rejected himself and didn’t give Kara a chance to react to his proclamation.  It’s obviously frustrating, but it continues to do a great job of building up the sexual tension until their eventual union.

M’gann finally made her return this week and the show finally got her and J’onn to patch up their differences. David Harewood got some of his best material yet as he finally came to terms with the goodness inside the White Martian, and elegantly tackled some heavy themes about racism and the importance of compassion. The subplot also ends on a high note with M’gann very creepily revealing that the White Martians are responsible for the psychic attack and are “coming” for her. This should be good.

Super Bits

– Loved the opening training scene. More of this please.

– Very cute moment with Maggie and Alex counting the seconds before Kara arrives at the crime scene.

– Mon-El’s red glasses – way too cheesy. Hope he gets a funky costume soon!

– Very touching moment with J’onn asking the Danvers sisters to stay by his side.

– Beautiful panning shot of J’onn and M’gann leading into each other with the sunlight in the background.

– Love the feminist spirit with Livewire complaining about the boys trying to do a woman’s job and save her.

– Surprisingly, all the slow-motion this week didn’t annoy me. In fact, I dare say it was very well utilized as our heroes kicked ass.

– Loved Kara telling Leslie she’ll give her a headstart.

– This was such a quotable hour. Just check out the section below.

Kara Quips

Mon-El: Wow, you really nailed Hank’s disapproving non-smile.

Winn: Didn’t you hear? He graduated from superhero kindergarten.

Livewire: Let’s talk about when I get out of this pathetic prison and these silly little cuffs. When I fry Supergirl from the inside out. You think she’ll scream as she cooks? I do. Will you scream?

Maggie: I freaking loved Leslie Willis’ radio show before she went nuts.
Alex: Never tell Kara that. Livewire’s kind of her nemesis.

Kara: Uh, what is that? A toy?
J’onn: No, it’s expensive.

Kara: I hate having a nemesis. Clark always makes it look so much fun, like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year. But having a nemesis is stressful.

Mon-El: So cool. I know I don’t technically need a motorcycle, Jimmy, I am a very fast man, but I would very much like one. You know. Where would I… Where would I find a motorcycle? Is there a superhero discount? Is there some cash…

Kara: You all knew?
Mon-El: Um, I didn’t. I thought James was a professionally handsome desk person.

James: I was never meant to be in Superman’s shadow. Or yours. I am more me as Guardian than I’ve ever felt as James Olsen. Kara, we are the same.

Kara: No. We are not the same. You are a human. You’re going to get yourself killed. One mistake. One human error, and you’re gone. That’s it. You don’t get a strike, James. Not like me.

Kara: You are never going to be strong enough for this.
James: You don’t get to decide who is a hero. And who are you to tell me how to be? Or who to be. I am meant for this.
Kara: If you don’t stop, I’ll stop you.
James: You’re welcome to try.

J’onn: I don’t want to forgive her.
Alex: Why?
J’onn: Hate becomes your reason for living when you’ve lost everything that you love. If I find that there was some good in their kind, I don’t hate her.
Alex: Forgiveness isn’t something that you give to somebody who’s hurt you. Forgiveness is something you give to yourself.

Mon-El: What’d I miss?
Winn: Awkward silence.

Scientist: I showed everyone that my super soldiers could take the cops and Supergirl using just their electricity.
Livewire: My electricity. This is copyright infringement, asshat.

Livewire: Who are you? Where’s Supergirl?
James: She’s busy. I’m Guardian.
Livewire: Great. I’m screwed.

Livewire: Who the hell are you supposed to be?
Mon-El: I’m the other Superman. In training.
Livewire: Your cosplay sucks.

Mon-El: (after getting electrocuted) Oh! Bad, bad science man!

Scientist: Fun, huh? Patent pending. It’s funny ’cause Shark Tank turned them down. Said my valuation was too high.
Mon-El: What do you want with us? And what’s a Shark Tank?

Livewire: (to Kara) Just us girls next time. We can braid each other’s hair.

Winn: Can I go back to pushing my buttons and things?

Mon-El: I was sick and alone. And you were leaning over me. And you must have been sad. Or something because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are. But they were like comets. And I had never seen anyone so stunning, and I kissed you, and it was okay that I was… It was okay that I was going to die, because I’d gotten to kiss you.

A fantastic hour that’s both action-packed and witty. What a brilliant sophomore season!

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