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How To Get Away With Murder 3×11 – Not Everything’s About Annalise

“How could we all be so stupid?”


A show that revolves around a group of students who go on a murder spree can only survive for so long, especially if its characters are far from interesting.

Not Everything’s About Annalise constantly had me asking “why am I still watching this mess?” and “do I really care about any of the characters?”. It’s a shame because after the writers decided to kill off Wes in the midseason finale, there was hope that this could be a game-changing twist for the show. However, it’s becoming clear that no one behind the scenes knows where this show is going or what to do with these characters anymore.

On one hand, this was one of the most boring hours of television I have ever seen with Connor, Asher and Michaela going back and forth from Laurel’s bedside to Oliver’s apartment, spitting out exposition and telling viewers that they don’t know what to do next. The fact that Oliver now basically knows everything about the Keating Five and the murders should have been a bigger deal, but it’s executed so poorly that it feels like an afterthought. Moreover, I have had enough of Connor and Oliver’s ridiculous drama; this has been one of the dullest subplots this show has ever produced. What a shame.

On the other hand, I can forgive a show for producing one or two boring episodes; what I can’t comprehend is why this show has become absolutely messy and unfocused now. Annalise’s prison scenes were great, no doubt about that, but what purpose do they serve? There is no satisfaction of watching this toxic character get what she deserve because the show is still desperate to find a way to get her out of there, and when that happens it will be the most absurd thing to ever happen on TV.

If the show is brave enough, it would seriously consider taking the rest of the Keating Five to Russia (like they jokingly suggested in this episode). I would watch the hell out of season four if it focused on Connor, Asher, Michaela and Laurel trying to rebuild their lives in a foreign country. It would be a shame to lose Viola Davis for sure, but I can’t see this show surviving the way it is now. Let it out of its misery for God’s sakes, ABC.

Murderous Bits

– Anyone else annoyed that Laurel leaves her phone unlocked on the nightstand when she goes to sleep?

– Annalise’s prison nickname is Fresh Fish. LOL.

– Michaela was outstanding when she threatens Oliver. The eerie music in that scene gave me goosebumps.

– I cringe every time someone mentions Rebecca.

– Holy cow, the list of murders is HUGE! Lila, Sam, Rebecca, Sinclair, the Hapstalls, Wes…

– The fact that the show lingers on for a minute as the gang watch The Golden Girls proves just how much this episode lacks in plot. Hilarious.

– Are characters on TV shows ever sincere when they say “I’ll call you back”?

– Annalise cuts her own hair with a blade. But WHY?!

– Predictable fantasy plot twist: Maggie had something to do with the fire.

– Cringe-inducing moment as Asher speaks in a Swedish accent while trying to seduce Michaela. This went on way too long.

– I apologize for the rant, but this is what happens when people make stuff up as they go along, and I still can’t believe this script was approved by the network.They make Arrow’s writers look like geniuses.

Courtroom Exchanges

Bonnie: Trust me.
Annalise: I trusted you to get me out on bail. Look how that went.

(about Russia)
Michaela: They don’t like gay people there.
Asher: Or black people. I’m assuming.

Must-Download Tunes
Until We Go Down by Ruelle

Sloppy and unfocused, this is one of the show’s worst episodes yet.

Chris Rating


  1. That's the thing about shows with unlikeable characters and toxic choices they make. The audience are often at a loss over why they are watching these kinds of shows. I don't see where else How to Get Away with Murder can go after this season that won't just worsen the characters and make their next escape from the law more unrealistic.

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