The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 1×03 – The Schtup List

"See, here's the problem with power. You got to take it from somebody to give it to somebody else."


Wasn’t that just excellent?

Everything about The Good Fight is so fully-realized, that it makes the show an absolute joy to watch. The music, the writing, the acting – there’s not a single weak link in this production.

The Schtup List is notable for introducing Justin Bartha’s Morello to the cast, and he makes an immediate impression. His chemistry with Lucca is off the charts, and I’m already rooting for these two to get together. The burger scene alone is a masterclass in body language, igniting a whole lot of sexual tension with barely any dialogue. Plus the fact that the two pretty much lose by episode’s end is just bound to bring them closer together. Well done writers!

The case of the week itself is ridiculously compelling, with Lucca and Diane working against the clock defending a doctor who is Skype-assisting a potential Syrian terrorist. The Good Wife always excellent with these topical and unorthodox cases, and this one was no different. Even more relevant to today’s landscape is the Trump effect, with Adrian and Barbara’s firm almost losing a client to an African American firm that actually pandered to the new President. It’s an engrossing storyline, punctuated by Julian revealing that he voted for Trump, and succeeding in winning the pitch only to get ostracized by his coworkers. It’s a true testament to the show’s brilliance that Adrian and Barbara can be so intriguing as characters, when they’ve only been in the show’s world for three episodes.

It’s interesting that the show is so hellbent on keeping Maia separated from the rest of the cast and focused on the Ponzi scheme. So far it’s still riveting, but I do hope this subplot doesn’t collapse under its own weight. The good thing about it is that I really have no idea who is guilty (her father or Jax), and how much Maia’s mother is truly involved. The highlight for me was Maia hacking into Jax’s computer as Marissa distracted him with that hysterical phone-call. Absolutely brilliant!

Bits & Cases

– The fact that Barbara sends Lucca to watch over Diane. Uh oh! #TrustIssues

– The fact that Barbara and Adrian’s client doesn’t even take the same elevator. Wow!

– Very amusing scene with Maia and her dad conversing with both their lawyers beside them. And that hug was darn sneaky!

– The writers sure loved that Kanye joke huh? They said it twice.

-Judge Suzanne Morris! She wasn’t always memorable, but it’s great to see familiar faces from the show’s world!

– The firm’s investigator, Jay Dipersia, already feels like a promising character. I want more scenes with him and Marissa!

Good Lines

Adrian: See, here’s the problem with power. You got to take it from somebody to give it to somebody else.
Barbara: Thank you, Sun Tzu.

Morello: Oh, I seem to have struck a chord over there, Your Honor.
Lucca: Yes, idiocy has a way of doing that.

Morello: You’re losing. This one’s a slam dunk.
Lucca: Good. I like helping men with their self-esteem issues.

Jax: What can I get you, Maia?
Maia: Answers.
Jax: Well, I was thinking more a beer.

With a sharp script and involving character dynamics, The Good Fight is on a roll.

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