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The Good Fight 1×04 – Henceforth Known as Property

"At a certain point, analogy fails us."


It’s funny how in the span of a couple of episodes, The Good Fight has managed to explore Diane’s psyche far more than The Good Wife ever could in seven seasons. I guess that’s how you know that this spinoff was a very good idea.

This week’s case with the embryo wasn’t the most engrossing of storylines, but it did wonderfully feature a number of familiar faces from The Good Wife: Judge Timothy Stanek, the ruthless Alma Hoff, and the ever duplicitous Mike Kresteva. It seems like Kresteva will be a thorn in our firm’s side going forward, and that’s definitely an exciting prospect. Matthew Perry is perfect in the role and he bounces off Diane beautifully. There aren’t many people who can make Miss Lockhart squirm in her seat, and yet that’s exactly what did he did during that unsettling investigation. I’m curious to see more!

It’s interesting that I’m most excited about Marissa’s continued awesomeness. I just adore Sarah Steele in the role, and pairing the resourceful assistant with Maia did wonders in elevating the latter’s storyline (the cyber harassment subplot with her annoying ex-boyfriend). I do hope the show never loses sight of Marissa Gold, and how much she brings to the show with her unique quirks and lovable persona.

Also fantastic? The fact that everything connected in the end with Kresteva using a fake story about Maia (buying hundreds of thousands worth of jewelry) as further ammunition to investigate the firm. Fireworks are coming people!

Bits & Cases

– Great little moment with Barbara and Laura gossiping about Diane after she walks out (since she’s white and all).

– Lucca and the deaf doctor: hilarious.

– Half burgers again! I sure am loving Lucca and Colin! Lots of chemistry here and the show is handling the budding romance quite well. Plus, it involves Colin in the main storyline as gets to poke around Kresteva.

– Judge Stanek grabbing the guy’s iWatch – priceless.

– My favorite scene of the week: Diane opening up to Barbara after not having children. It’s a pretty gun-wrenching and beautifully acted scene that Baranski soars in.

– Laugh out loud moment: the defendant screaming “Fuck You” at Laura when she tries to be nice.

– Adrian defending Maia from Ted was a wonderful moment for the character. I can tell he’s going to be a great father figure for Maia.

– It’s a small moment, but notice how Diane has to scroll a bit to find Kurt’s number on her phone. It’s not like he’s her most recent conversation after all.

– Yet another familiar face: the delivery guy who hands the lawyers their subpoenas. He made a number of appearances on The Good Wife. 

Good Lines

Aisha: We’ve hit the limits of the legal system.
Maia: You’re telling me there’s really nothing we can do?
Aisha: Not legally.
Maia: Wait, you trying to tell me there’s something I can do illegally?
Aisha: No.
Maia: Sounded like that to me.
Marissa: Me, too.

Barbara: Do you regret not having children?
Diane: Sometimes. Not often.
Barbara: When are the sometimes?
Diane: With my husband. I mean, it’s too late for us now, but, uh I look at him and I wonder what you know, what his son would be like. Or my daughter.
Barbara: Yeah.
Diane: It’s interesting. Most people think I didn’t want kids, and that’s why I made my work my life. What they don’t realize, it’s it’s really just the opposite.
Barbara: Yes. Work. It’s what gives it all meaning.
Diane: Hmm. The only difference is kids survive you.
Barbara: That’s not always a good thing.

Hoff: You called them?
Lucca: We did.
Hoff: How?
Lucca: We dialed 44 and then the number.

Not as brilliant as the three previous episodes, but still a very solid hour.

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  1. Yeah I lost interest in the case about halfway through the episode but Diane talking about not having kids was riveting! You're right it's incredible how much this show has explored her psyche in just 4 episodes while we hardly got much from hee in 7 seasons on The Good Wife! Amazing.

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