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Supergirl 2×15 – Exodus

"You know, it's just when I write, I don't need a yellow sun. It's just me. Supergirl is what I can do. Kara is who I am."


In a season and a half, Supergirl has produced some exceptional hours, but Exodus contains the single best sequence the show’s ever done and it’s absolutely mindblowing.

I am of course talking about Kara stopping the spaceship from exiting Earth’s atmosphere with her bare hands. This is the kind of sequence that comes along every few years and reminds you just how powerful and affecting television can be. A big chunk of this scene’s success is due to the majestic use of Blake Neely’s stunning musical score (found here and previously used in that iconic Red Tornado scene from season one). It’s such a haunting, empowering and gorgeous piece of music, and coupled with Melissa Benoist’s gut-wrenching screams (which are cleverly silenced since we’re watching from the inside), it ends up being a transcendent piece of television. I really can’t praise this scene enough, particularly because it tells us so much about Kara and Alex’s relationship as well; Chyler Leigh is astounding too as she displays the love and faith she has in her sister without uttering a single word. In fact, so much is conveyed between the two sisters without a single word of dialogue, and isn’t that just masterful?

Starting with that bone-chilling teaser in which an alien family gets captured by Cadmus, Exodus also does a tremendous job of escalating the xenophobia and real-world parallels. Deporting minorities? Hello Trump! It also injects a real cinematic and season finale vibe to the proceedings with Alex’s attack on the base as all hell breaks loose (and Jeremiah joins the good guys again).

It’s worth noting that I still feel like Snapper never really gelled with the rest of the cast, so maybe it’s for the best that Kara got fired by episode’s end. Do the writers have something different in mind with regards to the character’s professional journey? Or maybe it’s a short-term thing? Whatever it is, Kara’s professional life has certainly been less exciting since Cat exited the show, and it needs a shake-up.

And then there’s that ending, with Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo arriving to Earth as I’m guessing… Mon El’s royal parents? Suffice to say, I’m a huge fan of this casting coup, so I can’t wait for the show’s return in March 20th! Bring on the fun!

Super Bits

– The fact that Mon-El can’t pronounce anonymously. Hilarious.

– Awesome attack on the bar with our gang kicking ass before Lyra gets kidnapped.

– How badass was Alex torturing the prisoner?

– Coolest twist ever: Jon pretending to be Jeremiah and tricking Alex. Definitely didn’t see that and the suspension coming.

– Amazing nod to Dean Cain being “Superman” with Lillian’s line. Love it when shows get crafty.

– So Maggie said the whole “Ride or die” shtick and then she didn’t go with Alex to the supervillain lair? Weird.

– I wish Lena Luthor was more involved, but Supergirl saving her in the nick of time was cheerworthy. And dare I say it, kind of romantic?

– Hello Cyborg Superman! I wish you had more of a personality!

– Tears seriously started streaming down my face when Alex touched the glass and Kara did the same. I get chills just thinking about it, and I got affected the three times I rewatched this scene.

– Who else got the feels when Jon apologized to Alex at the end? As far as I’m concerned, he’s more of a father figure to the girls than Jeremiah ever was.

– I love the continuity with Kara and the potstickers. Yum.

Kara Quips

Kara: I’m trying to decide whether I should blog my article myself.
Mon-El: Well, what happens if you blob it?
Kara: Blog.
Mon-El: Right, that’s what I said, blob.

Winn: Uh, hey, Alex, can I call you back? We got an undetected launch.
Alex: It’s me! I’m the launch!

For that sequence alone, this episode is my favorite Supergirl episode yet. Outstanding!

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