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Big Little Lies 1×04 – Push Comes To Shove

"I feel so ashamed for saying this, but being a mother... it's not enough for me. It's just not. It's not even close."


God I’m really starting to love this show.

The characters on Big Little Lies exist in a captivating grey area, and it’s one that really makes you question how you view people. Take Celeste’s husband Perry for example. He’s abusive and evil on the surface, and yet the show also paints him as a likeable and lovable dad (notice the moment where he hilariously remarks on his kids and their crunching cereal). It’s a testament to Alexander Skarsgard’s incredible performance that every time he enters the room, there’s a real sense of menace and tension because you know he might explode at any instant. It’s all remarkably unsettling, and it climaxes with that horrifying moment where Perry grabs Celeste by the head only for one of the twins to unknowingly come rushing in to the rescue. Of course I praised Kidman immensely last week, and she was just as phenomenal this week in the therapist scene as she tried to convince the doctor that she was not “afraid” of her husband. This storyline is truly firing on all cylinders.

Now let’s take a moment and appreciate the refreshingly solid friendship between Madeline and Celeste. Many shows often resort to unnecessary catfights or petty drama, but these women have each other’s backs (not to mention Jane’s) and that certainly makes for a welcome change. This was none the more apparent than in the scene with the two ladies in the car after Celeste kicked lawyer ass and realized she wanted more out of life. It’s an insightful scene that respectfully explores every facet of being a mother today and what it takes to be happy. Excellent!

Bits & Lies

– I love that we see Chloe syncing music on her mom’s phone. This is the rare show that actually shows us the source of the music that’s playing and I find that so awesome.

– Notice how Madeline and Nathan pronounce chasms differently.

– Anyone else thought that Perry was going to rape Celeste when he mentioned he wanted another baby? But then it’s her who initiates after he backs off. It’s all so complicated and grey.

– Even more proof that Ed is a freak: he creepily watches the women in Bonnie’s class and tells her that he loves sweat on women. Uh oh.

– How perfectly cast was the mayor with his smug “fucking puppets” shtick? Plus Laura Dern beautifully played Renata’s fakeness here. #Phony.

– So Madeline has made out with Joseph before. He doesn’t seem like he wants to leave her alone so this could get risky.

– Very compelling subplot with Jane taking Ziggy to the psychologist who assures her that he’s no bully.

– The visuals in the aquarium scene: wow. Almost dreamlike and otherworldly.

– So I’m guessing Jane’s rapist, Saxton Baker, will be making an appearance soon now that Madeline has tracked him down?

– Jane imagines Ziggy choking Amabella. She also imagines herself killing her rapist in the hotel, on the beach ¬†etc… and finally running off the cliff.

School Gossip

Madeline: Are you kidding me? It’s fucking Bonnie. She probably just wants to show off and serve us organic quinoa with her kale she raised in her sustainable vertical garden, probably while she was meditating. So help me God, if she so much as teaches me how to peel a potato, I’m gonna go for her fucking throat.

Madeline: One minute we’re talking, and then the next, he puts his tongue in my throat.
Celeste: This is assault. He assaulted you.
Madeline: Mm. I mean, I might’ve kissed him back.
Celeste: What?

Madeline: It was like a reflex, you know? Somebody kisses you, you kiss them back…. I might have grabbed his ass. I don’t know.
Celeste: What?
Madeline: It just all happened so fast. And the next thing I know, he has his hand in my shirt. Or was it my hand in his shirt? –
Celeste: Oh!
Madeline: What? It was a reflex!

Must-Download Tunes
Straight From The Heart by Irma Thomas
Changes by Charles Bradley
B.M.F.A. by Martha Wainwright

Another week, another excellent hour from Big Little Lies.

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