The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 1×06 – Social Media and Its Discontents

"I was in a plea bargaining session when I realized I sent someone to jail for 30 years because I hadn't gotten laid."


Can Elsbeth Tascioni just remain on The Good Fight for eternity? Because all her scenes are an absolute hoot!

Sadly this week’s case wasn’t as engrossing as our famous flame-haired attorney. The whole moderation committee had potential, but fizzled out by hour’s end. The storyline did do one thing tremendously well though: it immaculately brought to life the vicious brutality of online bullying. Giving all the “trolls” actual faces (I particularly loved seeing them on brightly colored backgrounds mouthing off their hateful threats) showcases just how powerful their hurtful words can be. In fact, I found them almost terrifying. I was less interested in the introduction of Felix Stapes. Although John Cameron Mitchell did a good job in the role, his shtick became repetitive by hour’s end. Still it was undoubtedly fun to see him face off with Diane. In fact, it’s just always fun to see Diane face off with anyone.

Although I sometimes worry that Maia is too far off with her own conspiracy to gel with the rest of the cast, Elsbeth’s genius plan )with Maia leaking info to her dad) turned out to be a satisfying little subplot. Now that Collin has told Lucca about the imaginary 800,000 dollars, the pieces are in place for one hell of an explosive climax. I’m reserving judgement before this arc ends because I have faith in this show’s superb writing team.

Bits & Cases

– I love how Neil Gross pretends to be so not racist, and yet keeps talking about “White faces”. Awkward.

– Wonderful character moment for Maia as she reads the rape threats she routinely gets out loud to the whole firm.

– The funniest moment of the hour: Marissa interrupting the meeting with her own input and Julius bluntly asking who she is.

– I love how Marissa just goes to Jay begging to learn about investigating since she’s so “bored”.

– The fact that Elsbeth has beach chairs in her office. And those speakers are still causing trouble (“Killing me Softly” is this week’s tune).

– Elsbeth’s secretary is called Fantasia. I think that’s a nod to Fangtasia from True Blood (the show that made Carrie Preston famous).

– Felix Staples’ best scene: bringing in the male prostitute to give him a blowjob in front of the committee. Wow!

– Felix tells Diane that she reminds him of his mother. I don’t think she enjoyed that comparison.

– I kind of thought Lucca was above playing petty games like pretending to date her personal trainer to make Collin jealous. Also their sex scene on the dark highway was just weird.

– Julius still isn’t the most developed of characters, so I’m hoping his resignation and move to Andrew Hart’s firm won’t just paint him as a by-the-numbers baddie.

– Barbara’s face at the end when Neil asks for a meeting without Diane is just priceless.

Good Lines

Barbara: He misspelled my name.
Adrian: He’s bringing in 86 million a year. I’ll teach him how to spell your name.

Boss: Report back to me on their progress.
Collin: Will I have veto power?
Boss: No. Oversight power.
Collin: What is that?
Boss: It’s like a drone without bombs.
Collin: Why is it that whenever I get a promotion, I feel like I’m being demoted?
Boss: It’s a good question

Marissa: I can’t investigate unless I have a license?
Jay: Well, you can, but you’ll get caught.
Marissa: God, that’s what’s killing initiative in this country. Everything needs a license.
Jay: Well, you can always assist a licensed investigator.
Marissa: Like you?
Jay: No, no, that’s not what I’m saying.
Marissa: But you said it.
Jay: No. I said, in the abstract.

Elsbeth: Do you know who Travis Leopold is?
Maia: No.
Elsbeth: He’s a real estate magnate with $8 million in business at your law firm.
Maia: I never heard of him.
Elsbeth: Because I just made him up.

Collin: Wanna have dinner with me tomorrow night?
Lucca: Dinner or dinner dinner?
Collin: You’ll have to explain the difference.
Lucca: Dinner is fucking. Dinner dinner is a date, then fucking.
Collin: Mm, okay. Dinner dinner.
Lucca: No.

Staples: Do you have a second?
Diane: If you have something to say, Mr. Staples, say it in front of the whole committee, not just me.
Staples: But I don’t like them.
Diane: Because you’re racist.
Stapes: No. And yes, I don’t like blacks as a group. But that’s beside the point.

Not the finest of hours, but an okay episode of The Good Fight is still better (and far more intelligent) than most shows on TV.

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