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Grey’s Anatomy 13×17 – Til I Hear It From You

“Stuff rarely comes together, but it will always come apart.”


I love the occasional tearjerker, and Til I Hear It From You was just that: a heartbreaking story about not having enough time with the people you love.

At the center of it all is Nonagenarian Hal Holbrook and his wife June Squibb who play an old married couple (sixty years, to be exact) with very little time left. This show has teased us with near-deaths and misses several times in the past, but never have I felt so attached to the patients as I did here. The image of Dr. Klatch sitting by his wife’s bedside as she passes away (at 16:22) after a successful surgery is one I don’t think I’ll be able to shake off anytime soon. And the sight of a widowed Klatch leaving the hospital all on his own? Absolutely gutwrenching in every way. Wow.

The rest of the episode does a fine job being just as devastating. While Amelia and Owen’s marriage troubles are far from being interesting or plausible at this point, there’s no denying that her breakdown (featuring an incredible Cristina reference) is a chilling moment. One of the best things about this show is its portrayal of layered, complex characters, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Amelia finally made me rethink Owen’s stance on the issue. He does deserve to be happy, but good God can he stop pressuring every woman he’s with to have a baby already?

Similarly to last week, Kevin McKidd (Owen) directs this episode, and while there are less distinctive directional choices here, the silence after the old lady dies adds a chilling effect to the proceedings. I love how the camera lingers just enough on Amelia as she tries to process this development with the audience, making this death all the more heartbreaking and emotional.

Bits & Scalpels

– Hated Maggie so much in this episode, but I’m glad she finally knows about her mother’s cancer. There’s no need to drag out this subplot forever.

– Anyone find the Meredith/Riggs scenes awfully similar to her early scenes with Derek when she was still an intern?

– Lovely moment between Bailey and Ben as they discuss growing old together.

– Nifty transition from nighttime to daytime in the elderly couple’s hospital room.

– Tear-jerking moment between Stephanie and DeLuca as the former questions why they do what they do and the latter admits he’s in love with Jo.

Grey Banter

Maggie: That woman wants stripper boobs? Yes, I want a reason. Yes, I do.
Meredith: Her reasons are for sex.
Maggie: Why would you say that?
Amelia: Okay, well, maybe she just wants her shirts to fit better.
Maggie: Okay, now that’s almost understandable.
Amelia: To get more sex.

Bailey: I get why he’s mad at you. That was way worse than what I did.
Arizona: How is that worse? You gave away his job.
Bailey: And you put your mouth on the person who took it.

Owen: 60 years, not many couples last that long.
Lewis: You want to know the secret? Everyone wants to know the secret.
Owen: I’ll take it if you have one.
Lewis: There isn’t one.

Arizona: I think we should talk about what you saw with Eliza and I.
Richard: Arizona, you’ve always had an active love life. If I worried about who you’ve been kissing on, it would leave me little time for anything else.

Must-Download Tunes
Where I Sleep by Emeli Sande
Anger by Sleeping at Last
Where It Stays by Charlotte OC

An emotional hour headlined by a devastating case of the week and powerful character moments.

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