The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 1×07 – Not So Grand Jury

"Putting something on top of the pile is a great way to get me to move it to the bottom."


This wasn’t the most gamechanging of hours, but it did a lot of things well.

The grand jury subplot was hilarious. I loved the way our lawyers cleverly used race on the stand to shift the investigation’s narrative. Strangely enough, Kresteva’s witch-hunt came to a close by the end of the hour. So who exactly is our antagonist for the rest of the season? I’ll reserve judgement for now, but I was shocked to see the storyline reach a resolution so quickly. However, I honestly can’t wait until Kresteva returns next season since he now has a big ol’ grudge against our dear Elsbeth. I’d pay good money to watch these two square off every week with Ada in the crosshairs.

This week’s case also allowed Collin and Lucca to face off in court which added a fun kink to their dynamic. From Lucca’s hysterical blowjob face in court to Collin’s superior ordering a stop to the relationship, I was suitably amused the whole way through. Thankfully, the romance angle is not taking center stage like it used to on The Good Wife with Alicia’s tumultuous love life.

Finally, the show remembered that Diane and Maia have an actual bond,  as the latter threatened her dad if he were to throw Diane under the bus. When this show premiered last month, I thought the dynamic between the two women would be integral to its DNA, so I do hope it receives further focus going forward.

Bits & Cases

– Absolutely hilarious scene with Kresteva visiting Elsbeth’s office and the latter trying to “purge” all data from Ada who ends up telling her about The Purge.

– I love the little sequence with the partners getting served because we get to see their personal lives for a moment: Boseman is the shining star in his cooking class, Barbara is on a date, and Lucca is going out for a run (she hilariously slams the door to avoid the problem).

– Marissa learning Italian is funny. But her getting served in Italian is priceless.

– Collin’s boss tells him to stop dating Lucca. Obviously Collin does not.

– I don’t think we’ve seen Judge Kylo Gallo before but I like him already!

– Sneaky Elsbeth: she asks Kresteva about her new bff: his wife.

– The litigation financiers are back. They’re still as quirky as ever (be sure not to swear in front of them!).

– Adrian saying “motherfuckers” made me smile. I also love that he didn’t let Diane resign. Their friendship is heartwarming!

– Ada’s back!

– So I guess Marissa and Maia are the new Alicia and Kalinda? Remember how those two always used to have a drink after work. I believe they used to do tequila shots!

Good Lines

Kresteva: Hello, Miss Tascioni. You have bitten off way more than you can chew.
Elsbeth: Really? I can chew a lot.

Gallo: (to Elsbeth) Ma’am, you’re an acquired taste, and I don’t think I’ve acquired it yet, so shh.

Adrian: So what do we do?
Elsbeth: Well, he doesn’t want a conviction. (to Barbara) I like those earrings. Especially the shape.
Barbara: Thanks?
Elsbeth: I wish I could wear earrings like that, – but they make my face droopy.

Gallo: Any objections, Counselor?
Morello: Well, that depends on the question, Your Honor.
Gallo: Quite the suspenseful moment.

Not exceptional, but still a solidly made episode.

Nad Rating

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